Top 6 Best Lingerie Brands in India for All Time

While choosing an outfit you always put extensive effort so that nothing can go wrong. You visit thousands of shops, scrutinize innumerable clothes, and enter a trial room for 500 times and then ultimately you settle for something.

Yes! Your labor and toil are justified because making a mistake in choosing the right outfit can be irreversible. Choosing ill-fitted garments can lead in compromising with your appearance.

But are well-tailored, well-fitted and first-rate garments everything which can make you looking admirable? Have you ever gone through a situation where you feel something is wrong in spite of wearing a magnificent outfit?

Best Lingerie Brands in India

Even after several trials, after eliminating hundreds of outfits do you find that your figure is not looking that much flattering and adorable? If yes, then probably you are not hitting the right point; there is nothing wrong with your outfit but definitely, you are wearing the wrong undergarments.

And it is quite conspicuous that you don’t invest much time in choosing the right lingerie for yourself.

For making your appearance attractive, the role lingerie plays are of enormous importance. If you fall for wrong lingerie, then your appearance is going to be ruined, there’s no doubt in that!

You cannot choose lingerie just in a whiff; you have to be cautious and heedful. There are numerous things which you have to keep in your mind while choosing your undergarments or lingerie. Before moving forward let me tell you what lingerie is.

The Definition of Lingerie

Lingerie is an umbrella term that refers women’s clothing especially light innerwear, shapewear, nightwear, and swimwear. The undergarments such as bra, panties, lightweight robes that women wear underneath their clothes- all fall under the category called lingerie.

Lingerie is originally a French term that was derived from linge meaning linen. Now it is exclusively used worldwide for referring lightweight undergarments which are visually more appealing and more erotic.

Lingerie is usually formulated with smooth, sheer, lightweight, decorative fabrics like silk, Lycra, satin, chiffon and lace. But for more comfort, these can be made of cotton, polyester or nylon.

Which Lingeries are Available in India?

The best lingerie brands in India are producing multiple lingeries, the most popular and necessary among them are:

1. Bralette:

A Bralette is a lightweight bra which does not come with an underwire. As a result of this, a bralette is more comfortable than a normal bra. Bralette for its modish look can be worn as outwear also, but in most cases, it is worn as undergarments or undershirts.

2. T-shirt Bra:

A t-shirt bra is a mid-coverage bra that is meant for wearing underneath a tight-fitting t-shirt. The cups of the t-shirt bra are seamless and molded which fits perfectly and creates a smooth look without any lines or creases. Know more about t-shirt bra here.

3. Padded Bra:

A padded bra is one of the most essential lingerie which every woman should possess. A padded bra can give you relief from the problem of having small boobs. A padded bra is made for creating an illusion of larger, voluminous boobs. The padding material is made of materials like water, gel or foam. It can have various levels of padding that can beautifully satisfy different wearers. Know more about padded bra here.

4. Nude Bra:

A nude bra is a very basic thing in a women’s closet. If you wear a colored bra underneath a transparent or white top, the bra can be visible which can be slightly embarrassing. But if you wear a nude or skin-colored bra that will not be visible rather it will match with your skin color.

5. Multi-Purpose Bra:

A multipurpose bra is that incredible bra which can serve multiple purposes and offer you various styles. A multi-way or convertible bra is the best option for wearing with low lined necks as you can create arrays of styles- the straps can be adjusted into a criss-cross style or a halter style or even a strapless style.

6. Cotton Panty:

Again cotton panties are the most basic undergarment which a girl needs in an everyday basis. Being extremely soft and comfortable, cotton panties are great for daily use.

7. Seamless Panty:

Seamless panties are panties that come without seems. These are made especially wearing under tight bottoms or thinner fabrics as these fit beautifully underneath those outfits. As the seam lines are invisible, it looks smooth from the outside without any embarrassing panty lines.

8. Thong:

Thongs are basically erotic, triangular panties that provide only the front coverage revealing the buttocks. These are made of lightweight materials such as lace, silk. Thongs fit perfectly under tight bottoms and you don’t have to worry regarding the embarrassing panty lines.

9. Shapewear:

The popularity of shapewear is growing day by day and if you still don’t have this, it’s high time that you should buy one. A shape-wear is that type of undergarment which is meant to shape and reduce those parts of your body which are bulgy and not firm. As these tightly clench the soft parts your body look more chiseled and firm.

10. Night Dress:

Girl, if you always want to look glamorous even before going to bed, then a nightdress is a must-buy for you! Nightdresses are gorgeous and super comfy. Wearing it you will feel comfortable, besides it will flatter your whole appearance like never before.

11. Camisole:

It is a lightweight sleeveless undergarment which is generally meant for wearing underneath outwear. It is generally made of satin, cotton, silk, or nylon.

10 Best Lingerie Brands in India

So now you have already known what lingerie is and its popular varieties. But still you are confused which lingerie brands are there that are good, right? Now let’s see some of the best lingerie brands in India:

1. Zivame

Zivame logo

While talking about lingerie, the first name that flashes in mind is Zivame which is one of the leading undergarments brands in India for Ladies.

Launched in 2011 this brand has several forms which start from an online marketplace to pure brand play. It has several centers which have been scattered throughout the country.

This amazing brand is famous for crafted bras, panties, nightwear and shape-wear. Here you will find your perfect fit, no matter what body type you have.

This brand started its journey with manufacturing only bras and then they spread their business beyond bra. With much bigger dream and imagination they has been offering women several choices- be it a bra, panty, shape-wear, swimwear, and nightdress- you can find all of these in its stores.

With their tens of thousands of collections, Zivame is instilling confidence in women by making them not only sexy but also elevating their overall appearance.

  • Zivame collection:

The collection of Zivame is nerve wracking as it provides numerous options for women. The collection covers bras, panties, matching bra panty sets, swimwear, sport-wear, shape-wear, nightwear, bralettes and bottoms.

  • Pattern:

The patterns are also very alluring and attractive. The most popular patterns are floral, printed and abstract.

  • Fabrics:

The fabrics which Zivame uses are of up to the mark quality. For your comfort they use materials like Lace, Cotton, Nylon, Polyamide, and Mesh.

2. Jockey

Jockey Logo

Jockey is another brand which will not disappoint you by providing you amazing collections of lingeries.

Since 1976 Jockey has been satisfying its countless consumers. The main goal of Jockey is to provide you comfort. With the progress of time, the brand is totally innovating and evolving itself.

While talking about Jockey the first thing which comes to mind is quality- all its products are first-rate in quality. For this, it has made its place in every girl’s wardrobe. As it provides arrays of styles, you will not face any difficulty in choosing the perfect one for you.

  • Lingerie Collection:

Jockey has tens of thousands of collections which include women’s bra, panties, shape-wear, camisoles, corsets, night dress etc.

  • Patterns:

You will find different patterns while choosing lingerie from Jockey. The patterns are mostly solid and printed.

  • Fabrics:

Jockey always uses comfortable and top quality fabric such as cotton, silk, elastane, polyamide, and spandex lingerie fabrics.

3. Clovia

Clovia Logo

Clovia is another premium brand, a connoisseur in women’s lingerie. Clovia can provide you products which are of international quality.

It proffers beautiful and tempting lingerie which can at once mesmerize you. Its premium range is bound to attract and satisfy you as it is capable of highlighting your assets which you choose to flaunt off.

The motivation of the brand is to manufacture products which are super in quality, and which can provide you comfort. Wearing the customized lingerie you will feel more confident and self-assured. The fabrics, cuts, patterns-all will work collectively to flatter your curves.

Moreover, the brand keeps in mind the trending fashion and will always adorn you in a modish way. All its products go through rigorous fittest and quality checks, therefore there’s no need to worry regarding the quality of the products which you choose.

  • Collection:

In its collection there reside thousands of products such as shape-wear, swimwear, sportswear, bra, panties, Saree shape-wear etc.

  • Patterns:

The patterns which Clovia uses are extremely stylish as well as up to the minute. They offer solid or printed patterns.

  • Fabrics:

This brand uses several fabrics such as elstane, cotton, and polyamide.

4. Triumph

Triumph logo

Triumph will instantly triumph you by its seductive and alluring collection. This incredible brand has traveled more than thousand miles to reach its present situation.

It started its journey as a little corset factory in 1886, from that time on it has gone through several trials and tribulations and at present has become one of the premium lingerie brands. In the Indian market, it made its entry in 2002 and since then for its huge popularity, it has become the most affordable bra brand.

It has given us relief from low-quality undergarments as quality-wise its products are up to the mark. Due to its soaring popularity, its distribution network is gradually expanding and now nearly 52 Indian cities are covered by this brand.

The brand never makes advertisements rather it believes that if there is quality people will recognize it sooner or later. It provides hundreds of products which are stylish, durable as well as affordable.

The bras of Triumph come in more than 20 different style patterns and are available up to 48K cups. Its magnificent styles on the one hand exactly cater you what you need and on the other hand flatter your body in such a way which you have known never before.

  • Collection:

This brand provides various options as its collection is really huge and it includes Bikini briefs, Balconette bra, hipster brief, lace bra, maternity bra, full coverage bra, demi-cup bra, shaping briefs, tummy tucker, shaping sports etc.

5. Loveable

Loveable logo

Loveable is another brand which you can blindly trust while buying lingerie or undergarments. It has been a pioneer in the lingerie industry and for its unique collection and quality products, this brand always stays ahead of the competition.

Its distribution network is robust and there are almost 103 distributors in India through which its products are retailed.

Its products are reliable as the products are comfortable and long-lasting. And from the aspect of quality, the products are nothing but admirable.

  • Collection:

It proffers products like bra, panty, slips/camisoles, shape-wear, home-wear, and sleepwear.

6. Shyaway

Shyaway Logo

Now the ultimate pick is Shyaway which is one of the fastest-growing lingerie and undergarments brands in India for ladies.

Its huge varieties of products will awestruck you and you will find no difficulty to get that perfect fit for your body. The beautifully crafted undergarments will adorn your body and you will feel more reassured and confident.

Moreover, by wearing lingerie of Shyaway you will always feel relaxed and comfortable. If you want to flaunt your body parts, the best destination would be Shyaway which can perfectly cater to your needs.

  • Collection:

Its incredible collection includes sexy bra, panties, sleepwear, babydolls, shape-wear, swimwear etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which bra brand is best?

There are several brands on which you can rely on. I always prefer brands like Zivame, Clovia & Jockey.

Is Jockey an Indian brand?

Jockey is an undergarment brand in USA, in India it is manufactured by Page Industries.

Which bra is good for daily wear?

The wireless bras from Jockey or Zivame are good for daily use.


Hence, girl it is very much important that you should pay your full attention while choosing lingerie or undergarments. Otherwise, you may have to face serious consequences.

To circumvent any serious consequences, quality is a fact of huge importance which only a good brand promises to keep. And while talking about lingerie brands, the above brands are the best lingerie brands in India which are reliable as well as trustworthy.

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