Benefits of Oranges For Skin – The Fruity Guide To A Glowing Skin

Fruits are always best. Remember the days when our parents use to force us to have fruits daily. However, most of us do not like to have fruits mostly when they are tangy like oranges. But, do you know what an orange can do to your body!? No matter it is your health, hair, or skin; oranges bring wonderful transformation, particularly if you consider the benefits of oranges for skin.

Benefits of Oranges For Skin

Oranges contain essential elements like beta-carotene, potassium, vitamins and minerals, magnesium, and lots of fiber. In addition, they are rich in the most powerful antioxidant, vitamin C, which is, the most demanding element in the present scenario. Next time, when you get an orange, use it in different ways and see the difference yourself.

Benefits of Oranges For Skin: Hold Your Age Divas!

Obviously, there are many benefits of oranges for skin. However, perhaps we all search this one in our 30s. Yes, we all want to look young and hold our ages. Orange is a citrus fruit. So, like all other citrus fruits, it prevents UV radiation to affect our skin. Moreover, if you eat a less ripe one, this will slow down the collagen degradation of skin. When the collagen degradation reduces, automatically, you will have no visible wrinkles on your face.

Overall Benefits of Oranges

A regular orange aids in the goodness of your health in various ways. On one hand, it helps in weight loss and boosts immunity on the other. It lowers the blood cholesterol level and even reduces stress to some extent. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties that have helped humans in a number of ways.

Apart from total health, oranges play a significant role in our hair also. If you want shiny and voluminous hair, use the juice of crushed oranges on your hair and feel the difference. You can also use oranges as a conditioner after shampoo.

Some Significant Benefits of Oranges for Skin

Holding your age is what oranges do on your skin. However, this is not the only one!! There are other significant benefits of oranges for skin. Once you know them, this is gonna blow your mind for sure!

1. Moisturizes Your Skin

Oranges contain natural oil. This effective oil is obtained from the bark of sweet orange, the scientific name of which is Citrus sinensis. The oil has moisturizing qualities and helps in giving supple and soft skin. In addition to it, as the natural oil has anti-microbial properties, it can prevent acne effectively leaving behind smooth skin. So, you see, not only the fruit itself, but its bark also does wonder to the skin.

2. Helps in Exfoliation and Fights Acne

Oranges are citrus fruits. Consequently, the percentage of citric acid in them is moderately higher than in others. Citric acid is very effective for the skin. They dry out the pimples and exfoliate your skin.

You can prepare a face mask by crushing dried orange peels with fuller’s earth and honey; make a paste. Then put it on your face. This will not only remove your pimples but will fight the oil in your skin also. However, this is not done in a day. Apply regularly to get relevant results.

3. Blackheads Removal

Blackheads are unwanted black spots on your face that are packed with dead cells and sebum. If you do no remove them occasionally, it will be hard to remove them. Naturally, this turns to be a mood spoiler. Why not use something that is present in our refrigerator already. Yes, oranges are a rescuer for all the divas who are fighting to get rid of the blackheads but unable to do.

To remove blackheads efficiently, arrange a mask having one-part yogurt with orange peel powder in the mixture. This will provide you a thicker paste. Apply this tropically on your face. You can better results as well as skin relaxation if you try circular motions. 15 minutes is good to go for keeping the mask on the face.

After that, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Most of the blackheads will go away. Even if some remains, squeeze them gently and they will be out. This is indeed the most natural and useful technique to remove blackheads, that too without the salon pain.

4. The Natural Toner

As we all know, toning your skin before moisturizing is very essential. What if you get both simultaneously? Sounds Great… Nah!! Orange skin contains a huge amount of vitamin C and this vitamin is the best friend for skin. Along with toning it also moisturizes your skin. The most amazing fact is you can use it on every skin. Whether it is dry or normal or even oily, orange peel is good for all skins. This is one of those less known benefits of oranges on skin.

5. Skin Rejuvenation

As discussed earlier, oranges keep your age at a bay and do not allow wrinkles to appear on the skin. Besides this, orange juice has the power to rejuvenate your skin give it a glow. How does it happen? Orange juice helps in minimizing the pores and therefore keeps the skin away from dirt and pollution.

Take an orange and squeeze a certain amount of juice from it. Dab the juice onto your face, either directly or with a cotton ball. Keep it for 2-3 minutes and then finally wash it with cold water. This works instantly as a rejuvenating agent.

Orange Peels: The Wonder of Mother Nature

Orange fruit along with its plant parts are effective. However, orange peels are, as if the gift from Mother Nature to us. Obviously, we cannot eat orange peels. But we throw them away most of the time without even knowing the magic that they can do. Tropical application of orange peels will make your skin as good as the one you get from the parlor. You can apply orange peels using a DIY mask or simply buy orange peel products if you are running out of time.

Therefore, if you are in search of tropical benefits of oranges on the skin, orange peels are the best way to achieve them.

Making Orange Peel Powder at Home

Orange peel powder is easy to make. However, this will take time. If are reading this article now and thinking of making one, that is not possible; still, you can make it. Follow the steps to get an orange peel powder at home.

  • Take the skin out of two or three oranges carefully.
  • Dry them until they are crisp and breaks like a papad. This is in fact the time-taking step. You do not know how much time it will take to dry out completely.
  • Next, take a grinder and put the dried peels in it. Blend it till it attains a dust form.
  • Now, you have to sieve the powder. You will get two forms, the coarser form, and the finer form.
  • The coarse form is good for scrubbing while the finer one is good for making masks.

N.B: You should always try to dry the orange peels naturally at a temperature of 35 degrees to 40 degrees Celcius. Many people suggest drying in an oven. However, the zest may lose its essential oils if the temperature is higher than the optimum one. Therefore, be careful while drying the zest. We also recommend drying the powder once in natural light before sieving and storing it. It will increase the shelf life to some extent.

Organic and Readymade Orange Peel Powder

Yes, we understand, you may not have that time for the long process of drying in this busy schedule. But, taking proper care of skin is also important, at least after knowing about the Benefits of oranges for skin.

No issues at all!! There is a huge variety of herbal and completely natural orange peel powder available and they are as good as the one we make at home. You may have apprehension about the adulteration of products. Obviously, not all of them are best, but a few of them are too good for you to use.

For instance, Khadi Omorose Orange Peel Powder is completely herbal and 100% natural. It has no bleach or no chemicals that may affect your skin. You can have faith on these manufactured products and use this to make a DIY mask. Another example of herbal orange peel powder is Indus Valley Organic Orange Peel Powder. This is also herbal, natural, and without any adulteration.

Always, go for the herbal orange peel powder. They process the peels naturally and perfectly. So, you are getting the best thing in hand. Moreover, you will get the actual benefits of oranges on skin by using natural ones.

Orange Peel Packs and Masks: Get instant Benefits of Oranges for Skin

Orange peel powder mixed with certain other natural ingredients will help your skin in different ways. For instance,

  • Orange peel powder and yogurt DIY mask give instant rejuvenation to the skin.
  • A DIY mask made of Orange peel powder, walnut powder and sandalwood powder works great as an exfoliator.
  • Multani mitti , rose water and orange peel powder mixed together helps in the deep cleansing of face.

However, packaged orange peel masks and packs available which are good for the skin. You can use them also. For example, Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Orange Peel-off Mask helps in removing tan efficiently. Another pack is Everyuth Naturals Advanced Golden Glow Peel-off Mask. This mask provides an instant glow to your face and is best to use before any party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is orange good for skin glow?

Oranges have a high quantity of Vitamin C, the vitamin for glowing skin. Whether as fruit or as a tropical face pack, the benefits of oranges on skin are immense, of which skin glowing is one.

Can I apply orange on my face?

Yes, you can utilize orange juice as well as the zest on the skin. Both have benefits on the skin. The juice helps in moisturization and acts as a toner. Furthermore, the zest in the dried form helps in exfoliation and extracting bad oil from the face. Above all, oranges have anti-microbial properties. Therefore, they help the skin to fight against acne.

Can oranges lighten skin?

This is one of the major benefits of oranges on skin. The vitamin C present in the orange gets rid of tanning and also lightens the skin. It is even better than any other Vitamin C-based cream that may have adulteration. Hence, it is completely natural and safe to use for skin lightening.

How does orange peel remove dark spots?

Orange peel powder mixed with milk and honey works as the most effective remedy against dark spots. Oranges already have anti-tanning properties. In addition, milk and honey aid in the process more and helps to retain moisture. Therefore, you can use this pack to reduce and gradually remove the dark spots.

How do you preserve orange peel powder?

You can preserve the orange peel powder in an airtight container in your refrigerator. The shelf life is around 3 months is preserved well.

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The Bottom Line

The benefits of oranges on skin are immense. Oranges contain flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, and organic acids. These perform a significant job in maintaining skin health. Though there is still more scope for research, yet they are completely effective against acne, tanning, and blackheads. Therefore, next time you get an orange in hand, think about what to do with this and make the proper use of the oranges.

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