8 Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoos in India 2021

Do you always fear to comb your hair because after combing you always discover massive hair-coils which are either tangled in the comb or scattered in the floor? And you go through the same horrendous experience while shampooing your hair, right?

Yes, girl I know that it is a horrible situation which can make you disconsolate and disheartened and to cure this you can even fall prey to numerous hair care products, shampoos, treatments, spas and many more. But if truth be told, most of them will fail utterly to restore the health and well-being of your hair.

Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoos in India

To combat this problem, you don’t need to be desperate and experiment with numerous products, what you have to do is that you should start by taking care of the basics, besides you have to improve your lifestyle.

Poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, unhealthy food – all can trigger and worsen the problem of hair fall. To start from basics the first thing is that you have to pick a shampoo based on your hair type and which does not contain any harmful ingredients. Now let’s discover some best anti hair fall shampoos in India that actually work:

Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoos in India

These are the best and dermatologist recommended anti hair fall shampoos available in India:

1. Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo

This shampoo from Mamaearth is a complete wonder and can redress all your hair problems and it is one of the best shampoos for hair fall in India. The continuous exposure of your hair to surging environmental pollution, incessant stress and anxiety, lack of sleep and substandard lifestyle devastate your hair, but this shampoo will guard your hair against all these.

As it contains onion oil, Vitamin E and plant Keratin it properly nourishes your hair, defends your hair against damage and makes your tresses long, strong and luscious.

Onion oil is enriched with potassium, sulphur and antioxidants that diminish hair fall, strengthens hair roots and stimulates new hair growth. The plant keratin within it helps to improve the flexibility and strength of hair, besides it makes hair tresses frizz-free and smooth so that the strands can be combed easily both dry and wet.

Vitamin E, on the one hand, decreases the oxidative pressure in scalp and on the other hand causes hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.


  • After systemic use hair fall is reduced.
  • Diminishes scalp inflammation and itchiness.
  • Onion oil stimulates new hair growth, resists hair thinning and baldness.
  • Hair becomes strong and sturdy.
  • D-Panthenol or Vitamin B5 moisturizes hair and makes hair glossy and shining.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and also appropriate for chemical treated hair.


  • Not suitable for extremely oily hair.

2. Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser

Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser

Wanna try a shampoo that is not only a sure-shot but also enriched with natural ingredients? Then try this cleanser from Indulekha which will guarantee you less hair fall as the ingredients within it are extremely potent to give you the desired result and can be called the best shampoo for hair fall and hair growth in India.

This miraculous shampoo contains 9 full Bringharaja plant extracts, Tulsi, Amla, Neem, Shikakai, Rosemary and Madhyantika which jointly toil hard to safeguard your hair from any damage and destruction.

Bringharaja, the magical plant is popular for its numerous benefits and has been used since decades to cure multiple hair problems. It escalates the blood circulation in the scalp and the dormant hair follicles gets activated which consequently leads to new hair growth.

Vitamin C in Amla is largely responsible for producing collagen protein and its numerous minerals, phytonutrients nourish and strengthen hair from root to tip. While Shikakai prevents hair from graying and put a stop to split-ends, the anti-bacterial properties of Neem cure infections, reduces dandruff and volunteers healthy hair growth.


  • Reduces hair fall with its potent ingredients.
  • Arrests hair thinning and stops hair being gray.
  • The fragile and brittle hair becomes strong and sturdy.
  • Increases new hair growth by activating the dormant hair follicles.
  • Hair shaft becomes smooth, soft and glossy.
  • Improves the texture and health of hair.
  • Free from artificial colors and fragrance.


  • Hair can become slightly dry.
  • Cannot cure dandruff fully.

3. Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo

Huge amount of hair loss can definitely hit you hard as it denigrates your self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore the moment when this problem starts to invade your life, you should start to take measure as soon as possible otherwise it will soar and be unmanageable.

To aid you in this time of dire necessity this shampoo from Biotique will be a perfect choice as this unique formula is known to work like magic. As ingredients it comes with multiple natural ingredients such as Kelp, Ritha, Neem, Tesu, Daruhaldi, peppermint oil, mint leaf extract, Bhringraj and Himalayan water etc.

Kelp is mainly cold water seaweed that is abounded in minerals, vitamin to proffer your hair well-rounded nourishment. While Daruhaldi gives relief to your scalp by soothing itchiness, inflammation, Neem conditions scalp, cures dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth. Tesu also known as polash improves blood circulation and as a result new hair sprouts quickly.

Containing the powerful ingredients, the shampoo which can be claimed as the best shampoo for hair fall and hair growth in India will certainly make your struggle easy by gifting you luscious, voluminous hair.


  • Kelp provides a well-balanced nourishment and sustenance to hair.
  • Detoxifies the scalp and eliminates the risk of any scalp infections.
  • Turns down the problem of hair loss and hair thinning.
  • Controls dandruff and makes scalp healthy.
  • Strengthens the roots of hair.
  • Hair becomes lustrous and glamorous.


  • The smell is pungent.

4. Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo

Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo

Let me guess, your hair is extremely brittle and frail because of which it breaks and consequently, you are suffering from extreme hair loss, right? In a scenario like this when your hair breakage is the sole reason for hair loss, what can be a more pertinent choice than this Tresemme shampoo which is at present one of the best professional shampoos for hair fall?

This powerful formula is enriched with keratin protein that on the one hand reinforces the hair shafts from the root and on the other it conditions, hydrates, nourishes and improves the flexibility, elasticity of the hair shafts.

It shows wonderful result just after one use and you get a dazzling, stronger and nourished hair. To get the best out of it, the professionals suggest using it with the Tresemme Hairfall Defence Conditioner.


  • Shows result just after one use.
  • You will see 97% less hair breakage after one wash.
  • Reinvigorates hair from within and the tresses become strong and sturdy.
  • The hair mane becomes long, strong and shining.
  • Reduces the roughness and hair becomes smooth and glossy.
  • Suitable for color treated hair.


  • Contains chemicals.

5. L’Oreal Professional X-tenso Care Pro-Keratin + Incell Shampoo

LOreal Professional X tenso Shampoo

While talking about hair and hair fall, what can be more reliable and dependable than L’Oreal? This shampoo is nothing but excellent when the topic comes about reducing hair fall and hair thinning.

The Pro-Keratin In-Cell technology revamps the hair fiber and eventually, the hair shafts become stronger and vigorous by completely eradicating the risk of hair breakage and hair damage.

The amino acids within it supply the adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles so that new hair growth can be stimulated. The botanical extracts provide necessary amount of omega fatty acids which promotes new hair growth and reduces inflammation and itchiness of the scalp.

It is extremely mild can be applied to chemically treated hair to provide extra nourishment and hydration. So, no need to worry about hair loss because you can restore the health of your hair by this shampoo that is one of the best shampoos for hair fall and hair growth in India.


  • Pro-Keratin technology rebuilds and revives the texture of hair.
  • Diminishes the oxidative pressure in scalp.
  • Hair follicles are activated and new hair growth is stimulated.
  • Suitable for chemical treated hair.
  • Abolishes the extra dryness and extra oiliness.
  • Nourishes and hydrates hair from within.


  • Can increase the problem of dandruff.

6. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

Do you want something extremely nourishing that can also recue you from facing the unspeakable torment of hair loss each and every day? Then, the most appropriate choice will be this Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo which is one of the most effective shampoos for hair fall control.

It is enriched with Fiber Actives that help to diminish the protein loss from hair shafts and lead to beautiful, unbreakable and strong tresses. The one fourth moisturizing milk nourishes and hydrates hair by removing the roughness and frizziness of hair. The damage done by pollution, stress and anxiety is mended completely and hair becomes soft, smooth and luscious.


  • Comes with Fiber Actives to treat brittle and fragile hair.
  • Repairs damage done by excessive heat, pollution and poor lifestyle.
  • Hair shafts become soft, smooth and glossy.
  • ¼ moisturizing milk hydrates and nourishes hair.


  • Does not cure excessive hairfall.

7. Wow Skin Science Red Onion Shampoo

Wow Skin Science Red Onion Shampoo

The popularity of Wow Skin Science and its products are gradually surging day by day and this shampoo is definitely worth trying as it can show results just after several uses and the most amazing part is that it is one of the best shampoos for hair fall dermatologist recommended.

It amalgamates the goodness of red onion seed oil extract, black seed oil and Pro-Vitamin B5. While red onion seed oil has loads of flavonoids, sulphur and vitamins like B, C, D and E, the black seed oil is the storehouse of antioxidants and together these facilitate blocked roots, buttress hair strands, reduce hair fall and cure any scalp infections. The Pro-Vitamin B5 boosts the elasticity of the hair shafts and furnishes an overall nourishment and sustenance.


  • Promotes blood circulation and stimulates new hair growth.
  • Minimizes hair fall.
  • Increases the elasticity of the hair strands.
  • Hair becomes shining, smooth and glamorous.
  • Cleanses buildup and resists scalp infection.
  • Free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and artificial colors.


  • Lathering is poor.

8. Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Shampoo

Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Shampoo

Are you hair strands thin and brittle besides are you going through huge hair fall? In that case this, the best anti hair fall shampoo in India will be Holy Grail for you and certainly gift you healthy, bouncing and voluminous hair.

As ingredients it mainly contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Red Onion Cold Pressed Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin B5, Moroccan Argon Oil, Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oats Extracts, Neem Extracts and many other natural ingredients.

The total 27 boosting ingredients cleanse, nourish and strengthen hair from root to tip. The unique moisturizing formula gets absorbed by hair fibers and consequently, the strands become flexible, nourished, revived and rejuvenated. Biotin, Collagen, caffeine and B5 makes hair strands sturdy, voluminous and increases the cortex elasticity.


  • Contains highly efficacious 27 natural boosting ingredients.
  • Being extremely gentle, the strands do not become rough after washing.
  • Controls excessive sebum production and hair texture gets improved.
  • The essential nutrients nourish hair and stimulate new hair growth.
  • Olive and Jojoba oil smooth rough hair and lock the moisture in.
  • Fenugreek, Rosemary and Aloe vera supplies sufficient amount of antioxidants to fight against free radicals.


  • Smell is not good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which shampoo is best for hair fall?

Wow Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo, Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Hair with Onion & Plant Keratin and Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Shampoo are best for hair fall.

Do anti hair fall shampoos work?

Yes, anti hair fall shampoos work if they contain effective ingredients but these cannot totally banish the hair fall problem.

Is Wow shampoo safe?

Absolutely Wow shampoos are safe as they have already passed the scrupulous assessment of safety for human and the environment besides they do not even contain any harmful chemicals.

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Tackling hair fall problem is not easy rather while dealing with this you have to be discreet and careful so that you don’t become an easy victim of thousand products that don’t even work.

But girl, instead of feeling depressed and dejected, plough your money into the above products which are the best anti hair fall shampoos in India, and then bloom with dazzling and glamorous hair.

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