10 Benefits Of Shea Butter For Skin That You Might Not Have Known Yet

Since time immemorial women have been seen indulging in Ayurveda and natural ingredients for skincare. It is only very recently that the natural means of skincare has been taken over by the multiple brands of cosmetics targeting each specific part of the body. With the advent of cosmetic products, natural ingredients somehow lost their way in the market.

But it is a fact that most of these very natural ingredients form part of the cosmetic products that you would find today. The different creams, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, etc. also include within themselves the benefits of some of the natural ingredients that otherwise go unnoticed. Besides, several cosmetic skincare brands rely on all-natural ingredients for their products.

This just proves the utility of natural ingredients prevails in the industry, either directly or indirectly. Similarly, shea butter is one such ingredient extracted from shea tree nuts and is off-white in color. Listing the benefits of shea butter for skin is what we intend to bring to you through this blog post.

An ingredient as such cannot be overlooked as it has gained quite some relevance in the market lately. Any woman you talk to would highlight this ingredient but are hardly aware of its benefits. Shea butter has its benefits ingrained under several folds. This creamy white substance can work wonders for your skin if used just the right way.

Several cosmetic brands have adopted the ingredient as part of their product manufacturing. Be it anti-inflammatory or healing properties, shea butter tops the list in the regime of skincare. Through this blog post, the readers will fairly have an idea about the most talked-about ingredient that adds to skincare.

Thus, without any further delay, let us get right into discovering shea butter benefits for the skin.

Benefits Of Shea Butter For Skin

Shea Butter as a skin benefitting ingredient is found in Africa originally but, people from all across the globe reap its benefits. Not just benefitting the skin, Shea butter also possesses antimicrobial qualities. Let us take a look at the multifaceted benefits it has to offer:

1. As a Moisturizing Agent

Skin hydration is an important part of the daily skincare routine. It is rich in fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. These fatty acids when applied to the skin get absorbed easily and thus leaving behind hydrated skin all day long.

Most moisturizing lotions and creams you find in the market claim to contain shea butter as an active ingredient. Its deep moisturizing capabilities help it to settle with the skin for the long run and thus interferes with the skin to prevent signs of aging.

2. As an Antioxidant Agent

As we already know that antioxidants are important for the body and the skin and help to postpone ageing symptoms. Similarly, in case of shea butter too, it contains several antioxidants that prevent premature ageing in women.

Other issues of the skin such as dull skin, or another issue of the skin, it can be dealt with easily by using shea butter for the skin’s health. These are the very reasons that make shea butter a choice of most women out there dealing with skin concerns.

3. Its Anti-inflammatory Properties

As a result of exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, several damaged conditions of the skin are usually witnessed. Sunburns, rashes, cuts, and scrapes are some of those harmful skin conditions. But the fact is shea butter can easily deal with such issues and give you good results.

Besides, severe conditions of the skin such as dermatitis and rosacea can also be healed by using shea butter. The inflammatory compounds that the skin beholds can be kept under control by using this god gifted ingredient.

4. Helps Restore Skin Elasticity at Its Best

Several factors go behind losing skin elasticity for women at a very young age. Lack of necessary minerals and vitamins can be one major reason. Thus, shea butter acts as a rescue to help restore skin elasticity.

The natural collagen production in the skin is improved with shea butter and thus it keeps wrinkles and blemishes at bay. Thus, this is a big contribution that shea butter makes in the lives of women undergoing pre-aged skin maturing.

5. Reduces Skin Irritation

The hair removal process that almost all women undertake is often filled with an uncomfortable after-effect. That’s when shea butter offers its benefits to help ease your ongoing problems.

Whether you razor shaves or use hair removal wax, the experience mostly gets your skin irritated. Thus, shea butter as a moisturizing agent goes a long way in smoothing out the irritated parts of the skin.

6. As a Sun Protectant

First and foremost, shea butter is in no way a clear sun-screen substitute. However, several dermatologists have claimed that it has certain properties that enable it to perform the job of a sun protectant and thus prevents the skin from tanning.

Though it is not a substitute, there is no harm if shea butter is used for the purpose. Products containing shea butter as an ingredient benefit the skin in this direction as well.

7. Helps Improve Chapped Lips

Lips too is a part of the skin but it is perhaps the most sensitive. Be it change in weather conditions or any other governing factor, the lips easily tend to get dry and thus, look and feel chapped.

Especially during the winter season, the skin helps extra dry, and similar is the case with lips too. Thus, shea butter can helps to moisturize and hydrate the lips just like any lip balm would do to the lips.

8. Helps Deal with Visible Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can affect you both mentally and physically. Owing to the presence of stretchmarks, most women do not get an opportunity to wear the clothes of their choice. But now shea butter can help you in this regard too.

The unrefined version of shea butter is rich in vitamin A and E. These vitamins help in skin elasticity and thus preventing signs of stretch marks from being visibly evident. The practice of applying unrefined shea butter twice daily is a good remedy for stretch marks.

9. Helps Prevent Acne

Different fatty acids that shea butter contain, enables it to clear extra sebum production onto the skin. It is the excess sebum production that brings about acne and pimples in the skin.

Thus, shea butter acts as a barring agent of dripping oil onto the skin. It helps maintain a clear level of balance between adequate skin moisture and excess sebum production. You can go ahead and try the same to derive benefits from it.

10. Anti-fungal Properties

Several preliminary research-based studies have shown that shea butter has some kind of anti-fungal properties that can help fight out fungal infections caused to the skin. However, more facts and proof are needed to support the statement wholly.

Some people have tried using shea butter to treat conditions such as ringworms and athlete’s feet. And results show that there is some benefit underlying such claims.

Thus, these are some of the benefits of shea butter for skin and likewise areas. However, the list can go on in a non-exhaustive manner. There are several other benefits too that would eventually come out with time. As of now, these benefits cannot be overlooked and has quite some relevance.

DIY shea butter face mask recipe

Now that you’ve known all the probable benefits of the ingredient shea butter, it is time that you realize how you can use it to give your face the joy of having healthy skin. Thus, here you have a simple yet effective face mask recipe that can work wonders for your skin. Let’s get started:

Ingredients Required:

With just a few simple homely ingredients, you are all good to go:

Preparation Method

It will hardly take you a minute to prepare the face mask. But the results that you would get would be worth the praise. All you need to do is take a clean bowl to mix the ingredients well.

For preparing the mask, you need an equal amount of all three ingredients, i.e., 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, extra virgin olive oil mixed with raw shea butter. Beat the mixture thoroughly into a paste.

As a matter of convenience, you can even preheat the raw shea butter to get it melted. At room temperature, shea butter is generally observed in a thick solid state.

Application Procedure

The application method is completely hassle-free and needs very little to no effort. Thus, with just a few steps you will get yourself a clearer version of your skin. Let’s take a look at the process:

  • Make sure to have a dirt-free skin base before applying the face mask
  • Evenly apply the mask on the face and even can be extended till the neck region
  • Allow the mask to settle onto the skin and allow it to dry completely
  • Lastly, after the mask is dried, it is all prepared to be rinsed with warm water for removal

Certain Precautionary Measures of Using Shea Butter

In a natural sense, there is no such evidence to prove that shea butter comes with its own set of drawbacks. But, the raw form of shea butter contains latex and might end up causing some symptoms for those allergic to the use of latex.

Besides that, there is hardly any scope for shea butter to bring about allergic reactions or signs of inflammation. It is a completely safe-to-use ingredient that has recently gained quite some popularity among the masses and is a great natural ingredient for personal care products.

Several brands have opted for its usage and in future days to come, it might end up grabbing a huge part of the personal care regime. Thus, it is safe and secure to be used for skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shea butter as an ingredient has won quite a good number of hearts. But now that you have taken a look at its proven benefits, some other relevant questions might be hovering over your head. Thus, under this subhead, some commonly asked questions would be answered along with legit solutions to the same. Let begin!

Does Shea butter help remove the appearance of fine lines?

Cell regeneration and increased collagen production are the two benefits that sheer butter can cause to the skin. These factors in themselves contribute to barring the appearance of symptoms such as fine lines, wrinkles, and any other issues that the skin tends to develop with growing age and increasing stress.

Where does shea come from?

Shea butter is extracted from the shea tree in the form of processed nuts. It is a completely natural ingredient that today stands a very significant position in the beauty and skincare industry. Besides the benefits it has to offer for the skin’s wellbeing, it is also equally good for other areas of the body too.

Is shea butter only good for the skin?

Shea butter showers its benefits in not just one or two but, several other aspects too that often remain unnoticed. It can be used for cooking purposes and is equally good for both the hair and the skin. Besides, several of its properties give you enough reason why you should sue the product.

Can I reduce my scars using shea butter?

Though there are not many proofs to justify the statement several lab-based pieces of research show that using shea butter can help often the appearance of scars on the skin. Since there is not enough evidence, it is better not to go by such statements blindly.

Can I use shea butter for my hair problems?

For the ones suffering from issues of the scalp such as dryness, irritation, etc., shea butter can be a good ingredient to use. The extracted oil form is what works best for the hair rather than the butter form. But it is equally good for the skin and hair.


Shea butter as a natural skincare ingredient has its benefits underlying in several folds. Be it used with other ingredients or raw on the skin, it never fails to meet your expectations. Right from hair to the skin, almost every part witnessed something or the other good benefits out of its usage.

There is enough reason why people from the olden period are also involved in using such natural ingredients for their care. Even today, a huge number of cosmetic products with award-winning claims also use the same products to match their claims.

Despite the ingredient being one of its kind has won the hearts of several women who have been in the practice of using the product. If you too feel that your skin deserves the right treatment, you rightly know what to opt for. Hence, what else are you waiting for? go right away and take all the benefits that shea butter has to offer. Start your journey today.

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