10 Gorgeous Indian Dresses for Short Height Girls To Look Tall And Elegant

Nowadays the popularity of western wear is increasing rapidly. It is almost prevalent in every nook and corner of a girl’s wardrobe. But if truth be told, no western wear can be as gorgeous and beautiful as Indian wear.

Indian wear is simply stunning and spectacular. It bestows on you an unparalleled grace. Be it a breathtaking lehenga choli or a magnificent salwar suit; you will definitely be ravished by the beauty and elegance of Indian wear.

Indian Dresses for Short Height Girls

But are you a short height girl? For you petite frame do you always avoid an Indian outfit thinking that it’ll not suit you? If you are doing this for ages, it’s time to discard this wrong impression. Go through this article you’ll understand how mistaken you are! Indian dresses are not only meant for those who are tall, slender. It is for everybody.

Anybody can look beautiful in Indian wear. Heck, yeah! I am not joking. You are feeling impatient, right? Okay… then without more ado, let’s find out some Indian dresses for short height girls:

10 Gorgeous Indian Dresses for Short Height Girls

Here is the list of top 10 best dresses for short height girl:

1. A Long Straight Kurti

long kurties

Kurtis are the most common Indian outfit that provides comfort as well as style. For its versatility, coziness it has made its place in almost every woman’s wardrobe.

Now you are thinking whether this outfit will be a suitable option for your short height or not. Undoubtedly it will suit you no matter what height you have.

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Kurtis are one of the most suitable dresses for short girls. Choose a long straight cut Kurti. Don’t go with short kurtis as they will make your height shorter. Here the rule of thumb is you should pick a long Kurti that goes beyond your knees. To get an elongated look, the ideal length of your Kurti should be calf-length.

For the bottom part, extra flared palazzos will not be appropriate. Instead pair it with boyfriend jeans, straight trousers, or slimmer palazzo pants. While choosing the prints don’t opt for bigger prints as these will make your look more petite. Search for smaller prints or long vertical striped designs to create an illusion of slender height.

If you follow these tips, a straight cut kurti will be the best apparel to reinvent your look and it will certainly accompany you in every occasion by making your appearance more polished and attractive.

2. Slitted Kurtis

Slitted kurtis

Slitted kurtis are now all the rage. It has become a go-to option for any occasion and it can be considered as one of the best dresses for short height girls. These are not only very easy to carry but it also adds an extra charm to your whole appearance. The slits are refreshing and invigorate your look without making it too dramatic.

These kurtis come with a lot of varieties. The front slits are generally added with anarkali or printed floor length kurtis. The slits normally start with the waist. Single side slits are also there. These also look cool and stylish.

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Another variation is double side slits that add a free movement to the entire outfit. Nowadays these kurtis also come with three slits, one at the front and the other two on each side. These are generally combined with a skirt to get a more traditional and soothing look.

If you are diminutive, slitted kurtis are for you. The slits create the illusion of long legs; as a result, you look taller and slimmer. For the ultimate modish look, pair that with ankle-length skinny jeans or jeggings. You can also pair that with medium flared ankle-length palazzos to look tall and towering.

3. Kalidar Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali kurtis are exotic, right? The flares, the embellished embroidery all give an extraordinary look to your appearance. But these glamorous outfits are only meant for tall girls, aren’t they? No, not at all! Even short height girls can carry an Anarkali Kurti seamlessly.

While choosing an Anarkali certain points should be kept in your mind. Don’t choose one which has voluminous flares. Instead, pick one which has moderate flares otherwise your petite frame will be overwhelmed by the extremity of those flares. To look best choose one with a single color and very limited flares.

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The kalidar anarkalis generally starts from the bust area instead of the waist. No wonder it lengthens your body and hides all your extra bulk. The long vertical lines of a kalidar Anarkali help to create an illusion of height. The short calf-length kalidar anarkalis will go with churidar pants or straight trousers.

To accentuate your look, use minimal accessories such as long earrings or a light pendant. For footwear, black strap heels will go best with this. It is the most appropriate Indian party dress for short height girl.

4. Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli

If you are short, you probably have spent many sleepless nights thinking about what to wear in your wedding. Yes, I can feel you, girl. After all, it’s your wedding and you have to look your best! When it comes choosing a wedding dress what can be better than a sparkling lehenga choli?

This traditional Indian outfit at once makes your look festive and elevated. Surely bridal apparel has to be gorgeous and majestic. If you are petite, no need to worry as this is the most suitable wedding dress for short height girl. But if you are slight you have to be extra careful while picking a lehenga choli.

The most important point is the length of a lehenga choli. Of course, length matters. The skirt should start from your naval and end just one or two inches below your feet. You should never wear a high-waisted lehenga.

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There should some space between your blouse and the lehenga skirt so that your torso looks longer. If you don’t expose your midriff, your body will look shorter. So here the unwritten rule is that you have to keep a minimum of three inches of space between your blouse and skirt.

Again if your bust area is broad opt for a longer blouse but if you are lean then a shorter blouse will work best for you. The neckline is another important point. Select a deep V-neck or U-neck which reveals your collarbone to look fuller. Never choose a high neck or bandhgalas as they can make your neck look shorter which can ruin your whole look.

Hence don’t shy away from wearing this splendid outfit. Follow the above tips and forget about your slight body frame!

5. Ethnic Salwar Suit

salwar suit

Have you ever been enthralled by the graceful look of Deepika Padukone in her sheer salwar suit? But she’s super tall, right? So what suits her, will definitely not suit a short height girl. But no worries! It does not mean that you cannot wear this beautiful attire. Obviously there are dozens of salwar suit designs for short height girls also.

A long kameez suits a petite body frame. Always select a salwar suit which has a calf-length kameez. If you go for a short one, you will look even shorter. The longer kameez helps to create an extended look of your upper body part. And always say NO to Patiala salwars which being short in length make you even shorter.

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To look taller and slender, opt for gown styled Anarkali dresses, calf-length A-line salwar suits or long churidar suits. When you are going to buy an ethnic salwar suit, remember some other points. Always avoid larger block prints. Don’t go for a high neckline as it will make your neck look short.

Try to buy dark monochrome colors such as black, navy blue, maroon, etc. to lengthen your whole look. Skip those which have heavy fabrics and heavy borders. Last but not the least; don’t pick those which have over-designed sleeves. Rather go for simple sleeves to make your arms longer.

So what are you waiting for? Collect these beautiful outfits and seize every opportunity to adorn yourself with these.

6. An Elegant Saree


It is needless to say that saree is one of the most beautiful traditional attires. And if chosen carefully it can be the most attractive ethnic dress for short height girls. This unstitched drape which varies from 4.5 to 9 meters can provide you immense grace and elegance. Saree completes the look of a woman.

Due to its length and breadth, a notion is there that a saree is not appropriate for short-height girls. But the time has come to break this false notion. A saree is timeless and it can make your look captivating no matter of what height you are!

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Try to go for light fabric as a heavy one is generally meant for a tall, towering figure. Also stay away from heavy, big borders as these will overwhelm your slight frame and the attention will shift from you to this borders which are not at all expected.

Don’t demean the importance of a slim fit petticoat which will help to give a structured shape to your saree. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of choosing a petticoat then wear a tight skinny jeans or jeggings instead of a petticoat.

Similar importance should be given to your blouse. Don’t slip a blouse which is loose and ill-fitted. Single out a medium length close-fitted blouse to get a natural, flattering look.

For footwear don’t go for flat sandals. To accomplish this look, wear black or nude pumps or stilettos.

7. A Combination of Shirt and Lehenga

Shirt and Lehenga

You love doing experiments right? And you don’t even like the typical combination of lehenga and choli. Then girls, do some experiments and try some mix and match to get a flawless fusion look.

Pick one button-down casual shirt and pair that with a traditional embroidered lehenga. Trust me; it will make your overall appearance stunning and splendid.

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For summer, opt for a simple and cozy cotton printed lehenga and a plain shirt. To add length choose a vertically striped shirt. Wear the lehenga beneath your naval to add length to your torso. Go easy while choosing the flares of the lehenga. It’d be great if you pick a moderate flared lehenga. For accessories, try to be minimal. Add a neckpiece and pointed toe-heels to finish the look.

Find some time for yourself, choose wisely and be ready wearing these as these are the perfect Indo-Western dress for short height girls.

8. A Cropped Top and Sharara

Cropped Top and Sharara

Hey, girl say goodbye to all those old traditional clothes combinations! It’s the age of fusion and you have the wide liberty to combine different outfits to create your unique style statement.

You can get a dramatic effect if you combine a cropped top with a sharara. Shararas are generally wide legged pants which have lots of flares. These look like an elegant long skirt.

While choosing sharara, don’t look for extreme voluminous flares. The cropped tops reveal your midriff in an attractive way. As a result it creates an illusion of an elongated torso.

To maximize the effect try to wear bold earrings.

9. Angarkha Salwar Suit

Angarkha Salwar Suit

Angarkha salwar suits have become a staple food of every girl’s wardrobe. It is not only very easy to carry but it also adds a magnetic charm to your personality. This traditional Indian wear imparts an embellished aura which is hard to ignore.

It constitutes of two similar flaps that are united with thin straps or Doris. To look taller you should select a calf-length Angarakha salwar. For the bottom part, combine it with churidar or leggings. For its dignified, regal look it can be called as one of the best Indian party dresses for short height girls.

10 A Vertical Striped Long Kurti with Palazzo

kurti with palazzo

This is another great combination for a short height girl. As palazzos are flary it is believed that it will make a short height girl shorter. But it is quite the opposite!

If you go for slimmer palazzos that end just before your ankle, it adds length to your short legs. The vertical striped kurtis also help to create an ambience of a taller look. For length, you should pick one which ends on your calves. This vertical striped calf-length kurtis are extraordinary for giving you a taller look.

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Therefore long Kurti with palazzo for short height is gaining widespread popularity among petite fashion divas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more clarity let’s go through some questions and answers:

Which dress is suitable for short height girl?

Long straight cut kurtis with palazzos are suitable for short height girls. The length of the Kurti should be calf-length. For the palazzo, a slimmer one will work best for short height girls.

Does saree suit short height girls?

Of course, a saree suits a short height girl. Choose a dark-colored saree with a small border. To give a finishing touch wear ankle strap heels.

What type of saree suits short girls?

While choosing a saree go for a lighter fabric. Try to go for chiffon, georgette and silk sarees which create a flattering body-hugging look.

Can short girl wear long dress?

Yes, short girls can wear long dresses. But carefully choose the length of your dress. It should end just above your ankle. To make your leg longer, choose slitted long dresses.

Will palazzo suit short height?

Definitely! Palazzo suits short height girls. The slimmer palazzos work wonder for a short height girl.

Does jumpsuit look good on short height?

Frankly speaking, a jumpsuit is very much suitable for a short height girl. It creates a form of an unbroken line that helps to create an illusion of length. So by wearing a jumpsuit a diminutive frame gets some extra length!


Hence girl, don’t sulk in a corner if you are petite. You are beautiful; enhance your beauty by choosing the right attire. Be bold, do some experiments, and carefully observe what are going best with your figure.

Use the above tips as an additional guide for making your own style statement. Surely you will find the best apparel for your frame as there is plethora of Indian dresses for short height girls.

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