8 Types of T-Shirt Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Shirts and T-shirts are the best daily wear for women these days, they are comfortable, in fashion and trendy. T-shirts and shirts can be worn for different occasions. There are different types of t-shirt every woman should have in her wardrobe

Types of T-Shirt Every Woman Should Have

Choosing the right t-shirt sometimes becomes difficult. Wearing the same shirt every day also creates a dreary outlook which most of the women later regret. One can transform an old t-shirt into a brand new tee, following different DIYs.

Types of T-Shirt Every Woman Should Have

1. Basic Plain Shirt

Women shirt

This basic shirt is the most common one, there are tons of variations starting from designer’s wear to plain basic color, polka dots, stripes, and a lot of other designs. You can add this shirt with any of your office attire, and you are ready to go.

The comfort of the shirt depends on the brand and the material used to make it. In this basic shirt, the collar is mostly straight, which makes it fit for formal wear.

2. V-Neck Shirt

v neck Shirt

This shirt is perfect for showing off those collar bones. If anybody is clumsy lazy, hazy type, then this shirt is something to choose, blindly. This shirt is for a casual summary outgoing day, or even all day is staying home kind. This shirt looks good in any shape. Most of the material is pure cotton; hence it is incredibly comfortable.

3. Military shirt

Military shirt

The overall shirt gives the illusion of tight-fitting, but the shirt is very comfortable. The colors of the military are generally blue, dark green, and in the design of camouflage. By wearing this shirt, one will feel much confident.

4. Western Shirt

Western Shirt

As the name suggests, this t-shirt was discovered by the Americans. Most people widely use this shirt. The right side of this t-shirt contains a socket like a pocket. This shirt is full sleeves making it perfect for wearing in any formal occasion and even casual outing.

5. Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt

The structure of this shirt resembles a plain shirt and sometimes a Western shirt. The material of the shirt is denim as obviously the name suggests. There are different styles of a denim shirt, stripped, ripped, acid wash, etc. The denim shirt is the most used shirt type in the 21st century. Denim shirt gives you a bossy and sassy look.

6. Cold Shoulder And Off-Shoulder Shirt

Cold Shoulder And Off-shoulder shirt

A completely new fresh trend in the 21st century, worn by most women of all ages though mainly millennials and teenagers. It was a big trend in 2017 and was discovered at the end of 2016. This is the perfect shirt with a trend of showing off one’s skin.

The small hollow in the arms showing the skin is something which makes the overall look extremely attractive, whereas on the other side off shoulder is without any sleeve or the strap, it starts from the chest. The off-shoulder shirt makes the overall look extremely hot and beyond attractive.

7. Crop T-Shirt

Crop Top

Also a new addition to all women’s wardrobe, this is a basic round neck t-shirt but with the expositions of the waist or the abdomen. This is a t-shirt for the newer generation, which gives a more unique and hot look. This goes well with jeans.

8. Basic T-Shirt

Basic T-shirt

This t-shirt is one of the most preferred t-shirts by women of all ages. There are different types of t-shirt every woman should have, but the most commonly used is graphic or Slogan T-shirt. This is the most natural thing a woman can wear to change the look altogether.

There are varieties of graphic t-shirts available in the market for each individual. Even your Favourite Movies to your favorite company or favorite person has their merchandise t-shirts.

There are a lot of designs and a lot of types of shirt and t-shirts, for example, Polo shirt, Turtle T-shirt. Sleeveless shirt, tunic, Athletic collar T-shirt, Celebrity t-shirt, Comic Anime T-shirt.

How to Choose The perfect Shirt

A. The Choice of the customer

This is the high time to look at your favorite type or something which matches your personality or job. For example, most of the time in office and work can go with a basic shirt, Western shirt, or Military shirt. Someone, who is more outgoing and off for casual brunches and parties is more adaptable to Cold shoulder, or tunic.

B. The Budget and Brand

The Price checklist is essential as the quality and comfortableness of the t-shirt depend on the product’s material. Generally, a cheap shirt or the shirt bought from the street is very low in quality with woven synthetic cotton. This type of shirt can create allergies and will be damaged after a few years.

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T-shirts which are from good quality brands are made with high-quality material; like pure cotton, or pure silk, which makes it very comfortable to wear and is more long-lasting. This is the reason the shirts which are made from high-quality material is expensive.

C. Comfortableness

This is the most critical factor to remember while buying any clothing. If the customer is not comfortable wearing a shirt or t-shirt but is wearing just for the sake of fashion, then it is not the right decision.

Some women are not comfortable in wearing Crop tops as it exposes the abdomen, but they wear it for the sake of fashion which will degrade the overall look. It the wearer is much comfortable in this shirt then it will give a confident look.

D. The Details in the shirt

Did it ever come to your mind, how a plain basic shirt is so much in fashion? Well, this is because of the detailing in the shirt. The shirt’s Collars and cuffs are everything; an interlined collar gives a sharp and a book look.

The cuffs make the whole outlook unique, and there are a lot of cuffs, such as traditional buttons, French buttons, embroidery buttons, etc. A single-colored shirt becomes fantastic with this unique feature of cuffs and collars.

E. Choosing the color wisely

The Colour reflects a lot of things about the wearer, though sometimes we can’t simply choose the color according to our Choice. For example, if anyone who is very clumsy and spills some or little food in the clothes should altogether avoid a white shirt, as white keeps the stains. It is challenging to removing the stain.

F. Finding the appropriate Bottoms for the Shirt

The bottom is essential as with the best shirt and unmatchable bottoms the outlook won’t look right. For example, Cold-shoulder shirts go pretty well with palazzos, striped jeans, Capris, Denim shorts. Etc.

G. Styling

Styling the shirt or Tshirt is entirely up to the wearer, adding some accessories and some trendy look, one can create graphics and slogans in t-shirts. A simple knot on the Plain basic round neck t-shirt can create magic in the fashion world.

Using German Silver jewellery over White shirt is proven the best way to style the plain white shirt by the fashion designers itself. Women can also use shirts and graphic t-shirts from a men’s wardrobe. A plain single coloured shirt can be turned into a party rocker by some stitching and adding some accessories.


So, these are the 8 types of t-shirt every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear your shirt in a variety of ways to give you a more chic look. You can add a few accessories, and you are ready to go. You can create different looks with one shirt by pairing it up with different bottoms and heels.

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