Sheet Mask for skin – Benefits, Types and How to Use

Sheet mask, as an essential beauty hack, was generated originally in Japan. But in recent times, many countries like South Korea is leading in using sheet masks. In India also folks are adding this beauty product to their skincare regimen. Using of sheet mask for healthy skin is an easy and effective way.

Sheet Mask for skin

Sheet masks are sealing layers embedded with lots of various serums. The film is made of biodegradable and nature-friendly products like cellulose, cotton, etc. The mask comes with openings in the mouth, nose, and eye areas that can perfectly fit your face. Many beauticians consider sheet masks as an alternative to facial and spa.

Sheet Mask for Skin (Benefits)

1. User-friendly Product

You might feel when we already have so many other options like peel-off masks, homemade face packs and, even we often go to the salon for facial, whether we need to incorporate sheet mask in our skin-care regime.

Here we are going to tell you how sheet masks could be pocket-friendly

  1. Well, on a regular busy day we mostly don’t get the time for making a suitable face mask according to our skin type. But Sheet masks come in a wide range, you can choose as per your skin problem.
  2. After the expansion of the sheet over your face, it creates a microclimate. The enriched serums do not evaporate so, all the moisture and vitamins seep into the porous cells. That’s why you get the maximum benefit of the beneficiary ingredients.
  3. You can apply this mask after cleansing your face with a suitable face wash. After setting the mask for 20 minutes, you can do anything like reading a book, or watching TV, etc. Now for an immediate touch up you no longer need to go salon or make face packs.

2. Add a Radiant Glow to your skin

To keep your skin healthy, glowing you need to rejuvenate the skin from time to time. Buried impurities, dirt, over-exposure to the sun, and pollutants may cause many skin problems like hyperpigmentation, tan, dark spots, and many more.

The sheet masks are enriched with vitamin C, antioxidants, and salicylic acid which could add fresh, radiant glow to your skin. It is very effective in de-tanning and reducing stubborn blemishes. The best part of this mask is after a tiring day, you can gain an instant glow with it to be party-ready.

3. Hydration

Except toning, the mask also soothes the skin and adds inevitable refreshment. The prime purpose of putting the piece of sheet is hydration. The Hyaluronic acid contained in it hydrates the skin deeply and makes your face more plumped.

For homemade face masks, you need to wash your face but, with sheet masks, the serum stays over 15 minutes that nourishes your skin deeply, and gives a super-hydrating effect.

4. Natural product

Yes, we understand your concern about the materials that would come to touch your skin. Most sheet mask companies use natural fabric to produce the layer. They assemble cellulose, woven cotton with chiffon or flannel, coconut pulp, micro-fibril papers, etc.

They use serums and other natural concentrated liquids, like lemon juice, avocado, aloe-Vera. If you want to buy a 100 percent natural product, there are some Ayurveda companies available also.

5. Usage in oily skin and prevention of acne

If you are getting this conclusion that sheet masks contain lots of serums so, they may not be suitable for oily skins. Don’t worry because, for oily skins, sheet masks are formulated with ingredients that will control the secretion of excess oil and close the open pores.

The aloe-Vera and lemon sheet masks are very helpful in controlling acne and pimples. It maintains the balance of oil and doesn’t lead your skin to excess dullness.

6. Helps in Makeup

One can use a sheet mask for healthy skin regularly before starting the makeup. Sheet masks intensely hydrate your skin so, when the serum absorbs in your skin, it gives a flawless finish to the makeup. Even after hours, there will be no cracking in your makeup.

Types of Sheet Mask

There are various types of sheet masks are available in the market among them we have picked some common and useful sheet masks. You can choose the masks according to your skin types.

1. Hydrogel Face Mask

Hydrogel face masks are the most wanted mask for healing and soothing the skin. It is sleeker than the other fiber sheet masks. It assembles with the skin easily and locks the moisture. Hydrogel face masks are dipped with natural fruit extracts like coconut milk, mulberry, and green tea.

Harmful components for skin like paraben, sulfates, and petroleum are not incorporated in this type of mask. Hydrogel masks are widely used for hydrating and brightening the skin as ingredients like green tea lighten your complexion. 

2. Charcoal Face Mask / Detoxifying Face Mask

Charcoal sheets are black-colored, smooth face masks. As the name suggested, the powder of charcoal is infused with serums. Charcoal sheets detoxify all the dirt and impurities from the skin and leave a luminosity.

It’s an excellent mask for clogged and open pores. With cleansing, it controls the over secretion of oil that kills the acne-causing problem.

The process of cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing is long and time-consuming. If you are with a lifestyle where you have to travel frequently, or you are working women who have to deal with the outside pollution’s you can use this type of mask for deep cleansing.

3. Foil Sheet Mask

Foil masks are not common in the Indian market. But in many places, people like this mask for shielding the serum extracts. The upper layer of the sheet is a foil that prevents maximum evaporation. In the mid-way of unpackaging the mask and placing it on the top of your face, it holds the liquid content.

Foil mask emphasis the utilization of beneficiary components of sheet face mask for healthy skin.

4. Microfiber and Cellulose Sheet Mask

Microfiber and cellulose, both sheet masks are most common in the Indian market and comes at affordable prices.

Microfiber sheet masks are usually made of cotton and wool. The fiber materials contain nutritive serums and botanical ingredients. The only drawback of this type of mask is they are not firm on the skin. The fiber sheet is a little thicker than the hydrogel sheet so, they sometimes slip out from the face before time.

A cellulose sheet mask is always a preferable choice for women because the sheet is generally made from pure and natural ingredients. When you apply the sheet you feel this is an upper layer of your skin because they are super smooth.

In cellulose materials, the most amount of concentrated liquid can sink in and the liquid seeps through the porous cell of the face.

Tips For Using a Sheet Mask for Healthy Skin

1. Clear & Calm Skin

Needless to say, your sheet mask works best on clear, toned skin. So always cleanse your skin before masking. In your masking time, your skin starts to heal so, try to stay calm and relax. Sit in a place and rest yourself.

2. It’s Not Going to Fit You

Everyone has a different face shape so, it’s hard to find the perfect size sheet mask that will be firm on your face. But you can tear the mask for the perfect size.

Place your mask from the nose area, you will find it easy to place the sheet perfectly.

3. Store in Refrigerator

A chilled mask is better for cooling and soothing effects. So always keep trying to store your masks in the refrigerator.

4. Manage the Time

If you notice the package, you will find on the backside there is a mention of a time limit. It is always recommended not to leave your sheet mask over time on your face. Because after 15-20 minutes, when the sheet starts drying, it could absorb back the serums.

5. Apply a Lip Balm

Your lip skin is far different than your face so, the serums might have adverse effects on the lips. Apply lip balm before placing your mask.

Best Sheet Masks For Different Skin Types

After some research, we have shortlisted the best sheet masks for healthy and different kinds of skin. You can go through among them.

1. Garnier Black Serum Mask Pure Charcoal

Garnier Black Serum Mask Pure Charcoal

Garnier is an old and trustworthy company and, it fulfills what it claims. This charcoal mask contains vitamin C and lemon with other nutritive serums. The sheet is recommended for all skin times even, with extremely dull and de-hydrated skin it works magically. In my personal opinion, it is the best face mask for skin.

In just 15-minutes, your skin rejuvenates and gains its natural glow. The lemon extract helps to reduce your dark spots also.


  • The mask injected moisture into your skin for 1-week
  • Softens your skin
  • Available in various combinations
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • If not suits your skin Can cause red acnes

2. It’S SKIN The Fresh Face Mask Sheet Bamboo

It'S SKIN The Fresh Face Mask Sheet Bamboo

This brand is such kind of sheet mask brand that brings the best ingredients for its users. You can find a solution for any type of skin problem. You have options for nutritious ingredients like Bamboo, Burberry, Avocado, carrot, olive, aloe vera, honey, pomegranate, and many more.

Almost everyone knows how these fruits are beneficial for any type of skin problem. Like Burberry levels up the moisture and, carrot contains anti-oxidants and beta carotene. You can apply a carrot sheet mask in the morning before going outside, which will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • You can pick different combination to deal with assorted problems
  • 100 percent botanical sheet
  • Gently soothes your skin
  • Artificial color free
  • Free from scent


  • Some customers claim that these masks are too big for Indian Face.

3. Mamaearth Vitamin C Bamboo Sheet Mask

Mamaearth Vitamin C Bamboo Sheet Mask

The company claims that its motive is to bring natural products for all skin and hair-related problems. It is India’s first environment-friendly bamboo sheet mask. Regular usage of vitamin C-rich, honey-based mask fights against hyper-pigmentation and reduces skin blemishes.

Anti-oxidants prevent the free radicals of harmful UV-rays and, you carry a glowing, fresh look all day. It is also effective for upcoming future problems as it fights against wrinkles with Niacinamide that bears anti-aging properties.


  • Dermatologically tested, certified by PETA
  • Rich in vitamin C, argan oil, and honey
  • Paraben and silicone-free
  • Allergen-free fragrance
  • Amazing review at Amazon


  • Thick sheet

4. Dermafique Bio-Cellulose Pore Tightening Face Mask

Dermafique Bio Cellulose Pore Tightening Face Mask

It is a golden choice on Indian skin because dermatosis’s approved this face sheet for Indian skin type. Bio-cellulose face sheets give you a firm surface on the skin at every contour. The hyaluronic acid intensely hydrates the skin and, it’s known for tightening the open pores.

It fits all skin types, build with 100 percent natural products. The coconut extracts whiten your skin and add glow. You can’t ignore the cooling effects that it gives you.


  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Tightens the skin pores
  • Make your face more plumpy
  • 100 percent coconut water


  • It takes higher cost

Ultimate 5 Steps of Using Facial Sheet Mask

Step 1:

A good choice of sheet mask can add radiant fruit fresh glow to your skin. So, take out your time for little research and understanding your skin needs. You can go to any suitable brand for you.

Step 2:

Facial sheets add moisture to your skin and clear your clogged pores but, they don’t contain exfoliating agents. You should always cleanse your skin before placing any mask on your skin. Because on the perfectly cleaned canvas, the nutrients work magically.

Step 3:

Cut the pouch and gently drag out the sheet mask. After removing the packaging, Unfold it carefully that no shrinks come.

Step 4:

Now place the mask based on your face shape and smoothen it. Make sure your mask has placed on the face tightly. Now apply the extra serums from the packet on your elbow, hands and neck region.

Step 5:

This is the time for enjoying the cooling and refreshing effects of the mask. Release for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6:

Now dispose of your mask and pat dry for 8-10 minutes. I know You can feel the relaxation. If you have intense dull, dry skin, then only you can do one step forward. Spray your rosewater mist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be the frequency of applying a Sheet mask?

The answer is critical because the frequency depends upon more than one factor. You might want to know those as well because excess use of anything could be harmful. So firstly, you should consider your skin type and what type of mask you are using.

If you are using a detoxifying mask then, you would use it once a week. Because it cleans your skin deeply. While you can use a hydrating sheet mask on alternative days that you keep your skin moisturized.

Should I use Sheet masks with oily skin type?

The answer is an absolute yes! Sheet masks are unisex and made for all skin types regardless of oily, dry, or combination type. You just have to be wise with your picks. With oily skin, you can choose charcoal or aloe-Vera sheet mask.

Do I need to wash my face after the application of the sheet mask?

For a peel-off mask, after drying the paste, you need to cleanse your face. As it is just a sheet disposed of it after approx. 20-minutes when the sheet starts to get dry. Now, you can pat dry your face or leave it for 10 minutes for total absorption of extra serums on the skin.

How to choose the perfect sheet mask?

With the wide range of sub-varieties in the marketplace, it’s tricky to choose one particular brand and type of sheet. So, the easy way to choose is to consider the main fabric of the sheet according to your skin type.

Suppose you have a combination skin type, you could go with a cellulose sheet mask. Under the cellulosic types of sheet masks, you can experiment with carrots, cucumber, and many more sub-types. Same as for oily skin type, you can go with any kind of charcoal mask.

What is the Best time to apply Sheet mask?

Well because sheet masks are super easy to use you can try them as per your convenience. Though, you can use hydrating masks in the morning for moisturizing and prep for the whole day and detoxifying masks at night for deep cleansing.

Otherwise, you can apply any time in a day you want.

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In today’s busy world, it’s tough to get time to follow a proper skincare routine. In those days, when you find yourself in a tight schedule, use sheet masks for healthy, glowing skin. While moisturizing, simultaneously it can fight more skin problems like dullness, dark patches, and clears impurities so, add this pocket-friendly product to your skincare regime. 

Shining is your right so, at whatever place you are in while traveling this essential skincare regime will save you from dullness. Now, go and shine.

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