4 Important Vitamins & Organic Acids And Its Impact on Health

Every living organism needs different types of vitamins to make their body function in a healthy state. Requirements for vitamins are different for different organisms. For example, in case of vitamin C, dogs can produce vitamin C for themselves whereas the human body requires vitamin C in their daily diet in order to get it. Vitamin D is scarce in quantity in any food; the best way to get this vitamin is from the direct Sun rays. Humans can synthesize this vitamin in their body when exposed to direct sun light.

With the requirement of vitamins, human body also needs some organic acids. These organic acids are produced by microscopic organisms such as fungi or bacteria; they can be found in different types of food or produced by the human body itself through metabolic process of food particles or nutrients.

Important Vitamins & Organic Acids

Organic acids can support and improve the well-being of the human body. Some organic acids work as a nutrient itself. For example, amino acid and ascorbic acid i.e. Vitamin C are capable of producing fatty acid, proteins and neurotransmitters itself.

Important Vitamins & Organic Acids

In this article we shall discuss about some important vitamins and organic acids that are not only beneficial for well-being of the human body but also provide benefits to skincare.

1. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is one of the eight forms of Vitamin B. Its form is known as Vitamin B3, also called niacin. It is needed by the human body to maintain good health. Vitamin B3 plays an important in the body by converting the food which is eaten into a form of energy. It also helps the body to carry out different cellular chemical reactions.

Vitamin B3 is water-soluble in nature, and as a result, the human body cannot store or retain this vitamin in the body. That is why one has to take niacinamide or nicotinic acid on a daily basis.

Vitamin B3 is found in two forms, one is niacinamide and the other being nicotinic acid. Different foods offer these two types of Vitamin B3. Animal-based foods like poultry and meat offers niacinamide. And to get nicotinic acid one has to eat plant-based products like green vegetables, nuts and seeds.


  • Healthy skin conditions:

Niacinamide plays an important role in keeping the skin condition healthy. And for this, it is widely used by the skincare and cosmetic industry. It also helps to treat skin conditions like acne, rosacea etc.

  • Preventing Melanoma:

It is a type of skin cancer which develops into the melanin-producing cells. Direct exposure to UV rays whether from sun rays or tanning beds, can damage the DNA of the skin. It can slowly give rise to melanoma. So niacinamide can actually repair the UV damaged cells and provide a healthy condition to the cell.

  • Preventing Chronic Kidney failure:

Chronic Kidney failure is a condition where the kidney functions fail and the body is not able to control the blood pressure as well as unable to filter blood. It can cause to build up harmful chemicals like phosphate in the blood.

Nicinamide can help to reduce the phosphate level in a body by blocking its absorption process.

2. Hyaluronic

Hyaluronic acid is a soft, sticky and clear substance which is produced by the human body naturally. It is also known by the name hyaluronan. Most of it is found in the eyes, connective tissues and skin.

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to hold water to keep the tissues moist and well-lubricated. It is used widely used for many reasons. It is not only taken by the people as a supplement but also used in eye drops, injections and topical serums.

Few Benefits

  • It can actually speed up the process of wound healing:

It provides signals to the body to create extra blood vessels in the wounded area and it also regulates the inflammation level.

  • Relieving from joint pain:

When the joints of bones are well lubricated it is less likely to encounter pain in the joints. It relieves one from pain by lubricating the bones well.

  • Healthy and supple skin:

Hyaluronic acid can bind with water to give moisture to the skin to prevent dry skin. It can also reduce redness and wrinkles within the skin.

3. Serums

Serum is a product for skincare prepared from ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to deliver healthy nutrients directly to the skin. A serum is preferred for skincare because it can easily penetrate into the skin as its molecules are very small in nature. And therefore it can be easily used for targeted areas like wrinkles or in signs of aging.


  • Preventing dry skin:

A moisturizer works on the surface of a skin, whereas a serum can penetrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid used in a serum can help to retain water and provide moisture to the skin. Other ingredients like fatty acid and niacinamide can also prevent dry skin.

  • For fighting acne and dark spots:

Sun damage or acne can cause dark spots in the skin. Due to hormonal changes in a body can also cause hyperpigmentation. Adding a serum to the daily routine can help reduce these dark spots or acne.

  • Fighting wrinkles and fine lines in the face:

Everyone in their lifetime, at least once, think of anti-aging. Using bakuchiol, Vitamin C and retinols in a serum along with a combination of peptides can help in anti-aging.

4. Salicylic

Salicylic is an organic acid which is used as an ingredient in the skincare products to treat different skin conditions like oily skin or acne. It keeps the skin pores clean to prevent future blackheads or whiteheads in the skin.

Few of its Benefits

  • Exfoliating dead cells from the skin:

It helps to get rid of the dead cells and increasing the intensity of creating new cells.

  • True fighter against acne:

Acne bacteria thrive in no oxygen condition. But salicylic acid opens up the pore so that fresh air can get inside the skin. And that environment becomes less friendly to acne-forming bacteria.

  • No oily skin:

One can get rid of the oily skin type after using salicylic acid in their skin. This acid is oil soluble and that is why it can help in cleaning the pores clogged by oil. It also prevents excess production of oil in the skin.

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The above-mentioned acids are very useful and essential for keeping our body functions well-coordinated and keeping our skin conditions healthy. But before getting into its applications in the body, one must be well aware of the side effects of these acids. Not every medicine can be used by anyone, for that one must know what suits their body type.

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