7 Tips on How To Dress Up Your Baby As Lord Krishna

India is the land of religions! Nearly all people residing in this big nation follow, propagate and practice some religious values or others. Here whenever a son is born in a Hindu family, he is dressed up as Krishna and a daughter as Radha.

How To Dress Up Your Baby As Lord Krishna

Every year on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami, little boys are draped in attires of Lord Krishna to celebrate this event with lots of fun and frolic. Parents of little kids love to dress up their boys in the image of Lord Krishna because it is believed that young children are the reincarnations of “ Gopala” or young “ kanhaiyan”.

How To Dress Up Your Baby As Lord Krishna

So today we are going to gather some ideas and tips on how to drape a beautiful lord Krishna costume upon your baby. Firstly we will collect the items needed to dress up your kid as Krishna.

1. Dhoti

In ancient times, from the Indus Valley Civilization, Dhoti has been a part of men’s apparel for centuries.

In present times too, Dhoti is worn for marriages and religious purposes.

To Make your baby look like Krishna you need a silk dhoti preferably of yellow color.

But you can try red and blue ones too.

For babies, Dhotis are available in small sizes in the market. Silk dhotis are preferred because of their soft texture and glossy appearance which would be good for your baby’s skin.

2. Crown or tiara

Princes and princess of the ancient kingdoms and even the Gods and Goddesses are seen wearing crowns and tiaras which enhance their royal look.

You too can make your little Krishna wear a beautiful golden crown or “mukut” on his head. Baby crowns available in the market are extremely lightweight studded with a variety of glittering stones that won’t make the baby’s head heavy or uncomfortable.

If you can buy one , you can make one with some glittering golden paper in your home.

3. Peacock feather

In every idol of Lord Krishna we can see a peacock feather upon his crown. The feather is the symbol of knowledge and beauty. The peacock feather represents the richness and felicity of life.

So get a beautiful peacock feather from the market and attach it with the crown tilting on one side.

If you are unable to find one in the market, you can make one in your home by some blue papers and water colors.

That would make the look complete and astoundingly beautiful!

4. Flute

Everyone is well aware of the magical flute music played by Lord Krishna, also called “Murlidhar” and how Radha and the gopikas used to dance around him. It is said that the music used to transcend them to another world and it purified the soul. The flute is symbolic for it represents the power of cosmic energy and voice of the love. So lord Krishna always kept a flute by his side.

To complete the dress the lord Krishna, you have to get a small plastic or wooden Flute form the market and tie it with a string around his waist.

If you are unable to procure one from the market, you can make one yourself with a colored newspaper, lace and tassles.

5. Some jewels

You can observe that nearly all immortals of our Hindu mythology use to adorn their bodies with lots of jewels. Be it a male or female, everyone used to wear rings, ear rings, trinkets, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chains and bangles.

Without these the Krishna look would be complete.

So adorn your baby with some of these to give him a look of a royal prince!

If you are unable to get some jewels, you can always make them with golden glittery papers and a pair of scissors.

6. A pot of Butter

Lord Krishna loved butter. We all have heard from our childhood the stories of him stealing butter and curd. Like this, he acquired the name of “makhan chor”.

So a pot of butter is also one of the necessary items needed to dress up you kid as Krishna.

You can buy a beautiful pot made of clay from the pottery store and place some light yellow white cotton inside it so that it looks like butter.

7. Organic make up

Make up enhances the beauty of all. But for children we should not use cosmetics and strong chemicals. Their skin is soft and they wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

So we have to try our hands for some organic makeup which would suit their skin and wouldn’t bring out any irritation or boils.

To dress up your kid as Krishna, you have to do a “tilak” on his forehead made by kumkum and turmeric powder to bring out the significance of the look.

Process of making a dress for your little Krishna.

Now that we have all the elements needed to complete the Krishna look, we can easily “DIY” a beautiful mesmerizing Krishna attire ourselves at home just by following the tips below:

  1. Drape the dhoti or the silk mandu properly around your kid’s waist.
  2. Wear your baby the crown or the tiara you have brought.
  3. Attach the peacock feather on the crown.
  4. Apply organic makeup and tilak. If your kid has long tresses of hair, make it a ponytail on the back.
  5. Tie the flute with a string around the waist.
  6. Place a butter pot nearby.
  7. Make him wear some jewels at the end.

Ta da ! your Krishna is ready!

But there are some more tips you should always bear in mind before dressing your kid as Lord Krishna.

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Make sure your child is properly fed and tummy is full before starting the makeover. So else he would start crying in the middle of the process.
  2. Make sure the baby has taken enough sleep before the dressing.
  3. Do not apply kajal ( kohl) or eyeliners in your baby’s eyes.
  4. Do not make him wear extra jewels. He might feel uncomfortable.
  5. No sharp edges on anything that is to be used upon him.
  6. Use good quality fabric for the dhoti and other apparel.

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Keep the whole makeover hassle free and simple. Simplicity is always best. Following these rules will not only help you dress up your kid as Krishna but also would increase the festive mood by many folds!

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