How To Clean Makeup Brushes And Sponge – Complete Guide

Acne, allergies, skin pigmentation, and damage?? Might be wondering what went wrong with your diet or any underlying health concern. Did you know that the pretty makeup brushes that you use for your makeup every day have so much to do with your skin-related concerns?

Unwashed brushes have so many unwanted bacterial guests that they can show its side effect on your face. How often do you wash your makeup tools, especially the beauty sponge and the makeup brushes that you have been using to contour and blend your eyeshadow?

How To Clean Makeup Brushes And Sponge

If you put on your makeup then it is very important to maintain the hygienic level of the brushes too! The more effort you put into your skincare routine apart from using products, the more you will be happier to know that makeup brushes and blenders need to be kept neat and clean.

You might be skeptical about cleaning your high-end brushes thinking of the after-damage effects. As we all till now know that your dirty makeup tools can be the reason of breeding bacteria on it, a simple and easy way of washing them can cause no harm to the quality of the tools. So, a big NO! to building up products and germs contaminating brushes transferring to your face! No Thanks!

Well, girls, we have talked a lot about cleaning brushes and sponges but how often? We mean how often should you clean and wash them? Daily, weekly, or once a month? So, you can clean the personal brushes once a week with soap water or twice a week however sponges need to be cleaned after every use. The makeup sponges soak the foundation into it which needs to be removed for your next use.

A mind soap would work well for blenders as it washes easily however if you opt for a cleanser or face wash, it might take time to wipe out the lather from it easily.



You do not need to get to the market especially to get a cleanser. You can use any cleanser that you already have at home. A mild shampoo, soap, or face wash can work wonder to help break down dirt from the bristles of the brushes. If your wallet allows you to get a brush cleaner then go for it too!


After the selection of the cleansing product, it is the perfect time to start the cleaning ritual. Wet your dirty brushes in any container. Keep the brushes inside the container filled with water and add some shampoo, soap, or any cleanser.

Take brush one by one and swirl the bristles in your hand to loosen the dirt from them. You will see the lather will start changing its color as all the products from the brushes will be washing out. Rinse them off and repeat the step until the water starts to run clear.

You will see the bristles of your brushes will get back their real color! Sometimes dark-hued products such as your eyeshadows get stained permanently on your brushes even after wash.

After rinsing the brushes, gently brush your brushes against a soft towel. Take microfiber towels as they soak water easily and are soft to handle. Keep your brush down to dry on the towel for a few hours depending on the temperature.

Now that we have learned the easiest way to clean makeup brushes, what about makeup sponges?

As a makeup enthusiast, everyone loves makeup blenders that help you to apply foundation seamlessly on your face. But did you know that the blenders are also one of the sources of transferring bacteria to your face if not washed?

Unlike makeup brushes, makeup beauty sponges are supposed to be washed after every use. Do not use the beauty sponge directly on your face without cleaning it. You might think only a wet blender will work well every time however the hygiene level should also be considered every time you use it. The cleaning process of both makeup brushes and sponges are pretty similar.

  • Run the sponge on normal water. Make sure the sponge gets soaked properly and doubles its size.
  • Use any mild soap or shampoo for the cleaning process. Apply it gently on the damp sponge with your fingers. Start rubbing it softly until all the product flows away from it.
  • Make sure that the soap that you use is not that harsh, as a harsh soap can dry out the sponge and damage it easily.
  • You will notice that the lather of the soap will start changing its color.
  • Rinse the sponge continuously with water until you stop visualizing the lather and any dirty water. Squeeze and rinse. Repeat this again and again.
  • Now that your blender is not discharging dirty water anymore, it’s time to dry it out!
  • If you are about to use it then you won’t need to dry it out as it is supposed to be used wet. However, if you are not supposed to use it, pat it gently on a clean towel and allow it to dry in the air!

How simple was that? You cleaned all the mess on your brushes and the makeup sponge so quickly and easily without spending any extra bucks, right? Being a sensitive part of your body, your skin needs to be treated with care, proper hygiene, and love.

An unwashed brush can make the application more difficult. Cleaning can help extend the life of brushes and make the application easier too. Be gentle with your makeup brushes and sponges while cleaning them as they are super absorbent and contain your makeup products.

Your harsh hand might clean them however can cause damage as well. No matter what you plan to use, make sure to stick yourself to the loyal cleaning regimen to make sure your skin gets the perfect sanitized touch.

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