How To Buy Jeans: The Ultimate Men Jeans Buying Guide

Nowadays, most men in India prefer wearing jeans. It is worn by every individual from all walks of life.  Due to its ever-growing trend, there is an increasing demand of denim jeans in the market. There are varieties of denim jeans available in the market. In this men’s jeans buying guide, we’ll give you a clear idea of how to choose the perfect jeans.

Jeans are one of the men’s wardrobe-essentials and one needs three or four pairs of jeans for various occasions. Some prefer wearing baggy jeans while others like wearing tight fitted jeans. They go for that style which they think suits their physique. While some go for brands like Lee Jeans, Levi’s, Earl Jeans, Jean Atelier, etc which have made their names worldwide and have gained the trust of its buyers.

The Ultimate Men Jeans Buying Guide

There are some men who are not style-savvy and find it hard to find the perfect fit of Jeans. But why does it happen? What are the reasons behind them finding it hard to get the perfect pair?

  • Firstly, the present market does not consist of varieties of jeans for different individuals.
  • Secondly, some find it hard to find the perfect fit for their body type.
  • And Lastly, their confusion about the current style and after wash condition of the product.

Basic guidelines

Jeans is the core of men’s wardrobe. Sometimes, it is hard for an individual to choose what kind of jeans they should wear to keep the surrounding environment in mind or the weather outside.

It is better to wear jeans which is in between 80% cotton and 20% linen to save oneself from the scorching heat of the summer days, and it is preferable to wear polar fleece, Sherpa lined underneath the denim jeans or heavy jeans to cover yourself from the cold winter days.

If you get a perfect brand that caters to your need, you can likely go for that brand every time you buy jeans. Do not go for some new trend which won’t flatter you; instead, go for some classic denim pair which is the inspiration for most modern brands in the current market.

The Ultimate Men Jeans Buying Guide

Here is the ultimate men jeans buying guide as per body type:


Slim Fit men jeans

This fit is preferable for men who aren’t skinny neither they are huge. This fit goes well with average guys who fall in the middle of skinny and huge men. This fit falls a little bit below the natural waist and is tapered down at the legs. Slim fit and straight fit or combination of both these fits is more flattering for normal body type.


Loose Fit Jeans

This fit is mainly for men who have huge bodies. Huge men should go for something that makes them comfortable to move around and relaxed, loose fit makes this possible as this fit is loose around the leg area and there is a slight taper towards the ankle.


Athletic Fit Jeans

This fit is for men who have huge thighs, and who is more active and likes to do physical activities. This fit is perfect for them as it is roomy on the thighs runs tapered towards the ankle. The men who fall into this category can go for slim fit and straight fit jeans as well but wide-legged jeans is not meant for them. It does not look flattering at all.

When one’s purchasing Jeans, we should always keep in mind what kind of Jeans we want depending on the rise of the jeans.

The rise measurement, it is the measurement from the crotch to the waistband. There are three kinds of rise

  1. High rise: It is usually preferred by bigger guys who do not like to tuck their t-shirts and shirts.
  2. Mid-rise or medium-rise: This is usually meant for men who like to tuck their shirts into their pants.
  3. Low rise: It usually runs below the belly button and gives a casual relaxed fit.

Washes & Finishes of Denim Jeans

It is not mandatory for one to wear one shade of jeans every time. There are varieties of washes and finishes one can try to look more presentable and trendy.

Raw denim

These are unwashed denim straight from the mill. You can pair it up with a casual black bomber and a floral shirt.

Acid wash

This shade is achieved by dipping pumice stones in chlorine.


It is usually achieved just the way as the traditional blue denim is processed in the mill but it uses different dyes.

All over tinting 

Different dyes are used to get this particular shade.


Through washing and finishing this torn up, worn up look denim is achieved. 

Rinse wash 

Residual denim is added so that the denim won’t run colour after the wash.

Light wash 

Continuous washing and finishing is given to the denim to give it a light look.


The denim is heavily faded after the wash. It is one of the most worn denim in the present time.

Mid wash

This is the most trendy jeans available in the market. Indigo dye is removed from the denim to give it a mid blue colour.

Coated denim

PU that is Polyurethane is added to the denim after weaving. The denim won’t degrade even after multiple washes.

Affordable Men Jeans Brands

There are tons of brands available in the market but everybody goes for something that fits and suits their physique well. Levi’s, HRX, Roadster, NEXT, and Flying Machine are some good men jeans brands you can try.

They are pretty much affordable and one can get it through online and offline mode as well. The price range varies according to the quality and fit of the material. But it’s not that expensive. The price range is usually between INR1000 to INR3000. The quality of the denim jeans is peerless and it’s long-lasting as well.

Hope you enjoyed this men jeans buying guide. If you have any queries then comment below. We’ll love to solve them.

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