7 Hair Care Products Every Woman Should Have

We live in the age of Facebook and Instagram, where each and every moment we are uploading our pictures, sometimes at a wedding party, sometimes on a mountain or sometimes on a sunny beach! And the hidden rule of thumb is that we have to always look at our best!

It’s needless to say that we can only look at our best when our skin looks fabulous (obviously even with the help of that magical bottle of makeup foundation) and our hair glows with its dazzling beauty, right? However to maintain our skin, especially taking care of hair is not a straightforward task. Having healthy hair is a blessing, but taking proper care of that healthy mane is tricky.

Must Have Hair Care Products for Women

Therefore while choosing the hair care products you have to take notice of the minute details and have to pick the right products. But when you roam through the aisles of a drugstore, each and every product seems to allure you by their promises and you keep falling victim of wrong products. As a result your bathroom gradually becomes a storehouse of abandoned hair care products.

But girl, to possess that mesmerizing hair, you don’t need to stock each and every product which you come across in a drugstore, you don’t even need a hair foam or a hair spray which the advertising poster shows on the wall of the drugstore. You just have to take care of the basics and for that, you have to invest in those which are extremely essential.

Must Have Hair Care Products for Women

Now I can understand that you find it extremely hard to detect those products which are essential for your hair. To help you in your dilemma, we are going to provide you a list containing the most essential hair care products for women. So without further ado, let’s see what those products are:

1. A Good Quality Shampoo

Wow Skin Science Red Onion Shampoo

While talking about hair care products the first thing that flashes in the mind is a shampoo without which you will not be able to restore the health of your hair and it is one of the most essential hair care products every woman should have.

A good quality shampoo is a basic need of every woman. It has thousands of benefits for your hair. It cleanses all the buildup in your scalp and as a result, your scalp remains clean and fresh.

Regular shampooing helps to keep your scalp dandruff-free, besides it maintains the perfect oil balance in your scalp by removing the extra sebum. If your scalp is extremely dry, the conditioner shampoos will hydrate your hair shafts and your hair will become softer and smoother.

Shampoo can also give you relief from itchiness and irritation by removing all the white flakes and by soothing the nerves in your scalp. Again if you are treating your hair with numerous chemical products, your scalp may get inflamed; in that case, a mild organic shampoo can redress the whole situation by calming the inflammation.

Another advantage of using shampoo is that it adds volume to thin hair and improves the texture of hair. Moreover, a shampoo lends a fragrance to your hair which enlivens your mood and keeps you refreshed.

However to reap the maximum out of a shampoo, you have to pick up a shampoo based on your hair type; for dry hair, you should go for a conditioner shampoo, for greasy hair you should look for shampoos with labels like ‘balancing’, ‘volumizing’ etc., for color-treated hair opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and for thin hair go for those which contain ingredients like biotin, hydrolyzed wheat protein.

1. Conditioner

women conditioner

After a shampoo, the next product which usually comes into mind is a conditioner which is another basic hair care product that plays a crucial role in maintaining the luster and health of your hair.

Conditioning is the post-shampoo step that nourishes and softens the hair tresses after cleansing. A conditioner is generally made of ingredients like emollients, silicones, oils, cationic surfactants that collectively restore the moisture and hydration which gets removed while shampooing your hair.

If you leave your hair after shampooing, the cuticles remain open that when exposed to the outside world get damaged easily, afterward it breaks. A conditioner here forms a protective layer over your cuticle that safeguards it against any environmental damage.

Furthermore, a conditioner makes hair easy to comb as it helps your hair to remain tangle-free and frizz-free. The emollient properties of a conditioner moisturize hair and add shine and luster to your hair. If your hair is going through a lot of styling treatments, your hair generally becomes dull and dry; in such a scenario a conditioner plays its role by reinstating the lost moisture and shine to your hair.

As it smoothens and de-tangles hair, it reduces the hair breakage and transforms fragile, brittle hair by making it strong and sturdy.

However, while choosing a conditioner you have to keep certain points in your mind such as if your hair is damaged, color-treated and rough you should go for deep conditioning, but if your hair is fine then a deep conditioner can weigh down your hair, in that case, you have to choose a light conditioner which will not leave any residue after washing.

3. Hair Oil

Hair Oil

Does your mother always coax you for applying oil to your hair and you almost hate hair-oiling, right? But girl, oil is a super-food for your hair as it serves countless benefits for your hair. Without hair oil your hair will be dull, rough and lifeless, hence it’s time that you should listen to your mother and apply oil regularly to your hair.

Oils are packed with several nutrients and micronutrients which are responsible for the overall health and development of your hair; for example, coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E, K, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and medium-chained fatty acids such as lauric acid, oleic acid and capric acid and many more, castor oil is stuffed with vitamin E, K, omega-6 fatty acids, omega-9 fatty acids and olive oil is another great source of amino acids, Vitamin A, K, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Massaging oil regularly revitalizes your hair by penetrating deep within your hair shafts. Hot oil massaging also augment blood circulation in your scalp which activates the latent hair follicles that stimulate new hair growth.

Hair oil is a great armor for fighting hair fall as it boosts new hair growth. Again hair oil works as a wonderful conditioner that smoothens and softens hair tresses. If your hair is excessively frizzy, just apply some oil before shampooing, your hair will be soft and frizz-free like never before.

For maximum benefit you can rely on coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil; at first, put it in a microwave for a few seconds and then massage the hot oil in your scalp. Doing this will on the one hand remove all day’s long tiredness and vexation, on the other hand, will sustain your hair from within. Leave it for the entire night and wash it using a mild shampoo in the morning.

4. Heat Protecting Spray

Heat Protecting Spray

Each day, the same hairstyle brings boredom and makes your overall look a bit dull. To spice things up and to make your look totally new you have to change your hairstyle. Changing hairstyle means using different kind of styling treatments: sometimes using a straightener, sometimes using a curling iron or sometimes a blow-dryer.

But using these things has its disadvantages because the excessive heat generated by these treatments damage hair badly. Now I know that you are already making an apprehension that you have to sacrifice your new hairstyle in order to keep your hair safe.

But girl chill! There is an option that can save you from this drawback and that magical solution is a heat protecting spray which is one of the most essential hair care products for girls.

A heat protecting spray curtails the hair damage done by the heat discharged from the styling tools like blow-dryers, curling irons or straighteners. This leave-in product usually creates a protective layer on your hair shafts which fortifies skin against heat. Additionally, it also helps to seal the moisture within your hair; as a result, your hair remains smooth and soft.

As it nourishes hair deeply, it also decreases split ends and hair breakage. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from it and to ensure the safety, health of your hair, apply it before starting a styling treatment.

5. Hair Serum

Hair Serum

Now comes the turn of hair serum which you must keep on hand for the utmost care of your hair.

Hair serum is a multi-tasking product that can solve almost all your issues. Hair serums are generally silicone-based liquid products that work by coating the surface of your hair strands. Unlike hair oil it does not get absorbed within your hair tresses, it remains on the outer layer of your hair furnishing the specific needs of your hair.

The silicones within it smoothen the surface of the hair cuticles and add luster and shine to your hair. The emollient properties of hair serum nourish hair, moisturize hair shafts and eliminate roughness, coarseness.

The other advantages of hair serum are namely the amino acids within hair serum reduce split-ends and hair breakage; it minimizes environmental damages, protects hair against extreme humidity, and infuses life into dull and dry hair. After applying hair serum, your hair reflects light for which your hair looks shinier, glossier and more dazzling.

Again if you don’t have a heat protecting spray, you can use your hair serum before styling your hair, it will guard your hair against the heat emitted by the styling equipments.

6. A Wooden Comb

Wooden Comb

Combing is important and it is the most rudimentary step for taking proper care of your hair. When you comb your hair with a wooden comb, you get the maximum advantage of combing.

Plastic or metallic hair comb causes frizz because your hair has a negative electrical charge and the comb has a positive electrical charge which generates attraction between the comb and your hair. But wooden combs are unable to conduct electricity, therefore it does not cause any frizz.

Wooden combs are composed of carbons, because of which it is extra gentle to your hair. It gently lays down your hair and adds shin and gloss to your hair.

When your comb is wooden, it easily distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your hair shafts, unlike the plastic combs which stick to the oils and make your hair more greasy and oily. Moreover, a wooden comb massages the scalp gently which stimulates blood circulation and healthy oil production. It also soothes sensitive scalp, calms nerves and makes you feel good.

By gently massaging the scalp, a wooden comb activates the latent hair follicles which cause new hair growth. While a plastic comb causes tangle, a wooden comb glides smoothly over your scalp and hair, consequently you get frizz-free and tangle-free hair.

Another great advantage of a wooden comb is that it reduces the scalp irritation and dandruff. Moreover, the softer, rounder teeth of a wooden comb gently brush away dirt, grime and other impurities.

7. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Yes, dry shampoo is another must-have hair care product for a girl. From the name you can guess that a dry shampoo just works like a shampoo except it does not need washing.

A dry shampoo reduces the greasiness and stickiness and makes your hair silly and smooth. If you have just colored your hair, a dry shampoo prevents color fading. Washing your hair with normal shampoo makes your hair dry as it strips off the natural moisture from your hair, but a dry shampoo does not dry out your hair.

Using a dry shampoo you can volumize your hair and it increases the density of your hair. Just apply the dry shampoo all over your hair and scalp, blow dry it and you will get voluminous hair like never before. Besides, it boosts the roots of your hair. It also increases the staying power of your hairstyles be it a braid, messy bun or a simple hair updo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use shampoo daily?

Yes, if you have excessively oily scalp and hair, you can use shampoo daily. And if you exercise a lot or if you live in a humid place then washing your hair every day with shampoo can help. Otherwise, you don’t need to use shampoo daily because overuse of this product will remove the natural oils from your scalp and hair which can make your hair rough and dry.

How to use a conditioner to make my hair smooth and soft?

A conditioner is that wonder product that can actually make your hair soft and smooth. After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, squeeze the excess water from your hair and now take the necessary amount of conditioner on your palm. Apply it to your hair strands leaving the roots, and then comb your hair so that it gets distributed evenly. After 10-15 minutes, rinse your hair again using normal water.

Is hair serum necessary?

Yes, using a serum is necessary for the health of your hair. A serum seals your open cuticles and creates a protective layer over your cuticle which in return safeguards your hair from pollution, humidity and other environmental damages. It also smoothens the surface of your hair strands. If you regularly go through different styling treatments then you should definitely rely on a serum which protects your hair from the excessive heat generated by different styling equipments.


Each and every day the market is getting overflowed by numerous hair care products which are making a thousand promises to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Sometimes you also find yourself being dumbfounded while strolling in the aisles of a drugstore and in such a situation it’s quite normal that you can pick up a completely unnecessary hair care product which you will never use.

Therefore to save you from that scenario we have provided you the above list containing the most necessary hair care products for women; stock those things and you will not need any other thing, I can guarantee you on that!

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