10 Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners on a Budget in India 2021

Almost all girls crave for good makeup but what makes it extremely over the hype?

Putting the wrong makeup and using wrong techniques that completely drop the makeup looks are some of the key factors why makeup is difficult for many. Choosing the wrong product also makes sure that the user’s skin suffers and the pocket gets burned.

A basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget is what all girls need for a proper makeup look. Here is the list of the proper products with the right technique of usage.

Basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget

Well, It’s difficult, confusing, and too overwhelming to choose the right product. But once chosen it becomes very much easy.

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The first thing you need is a kit bag or makeup box where all the products will be assembled. The kit will be specially meant for the beginners and newcomers to the world of makeup and especially it will be an affordable makeup kit for beginners.

Basic Makeup kit for Beginners on a Budget

These are the basic makeup products for beginners that every girl should own:


Face Primer

Now all the oily skin beauties out there this is the most important product for a complete prepped base. The base should be always well-prepped as it holds the complete makeup look.

The work of the primer is, it shields the pores making sure that the pores remain unclogged hence oil production does not happen. When oil production happens in a complete makeup look the makeup slowly melts down making the wearer uncomfortable.

Choosing a proper primer is very necessary. Cheap silicone-based or artificial chemical-based primers can damage the skin permanently. The Colorbar Primer is perfect for beginners.

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The next step is a foundation, it is the second most important product in the basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. The quality of the foundation determines the amount of coverage it can give.

Some foundations give extremely high coverage in spite of being cheap makeup for beginners. It is very important to choose a brand which gives you a variety of colours. Most brands only have a few shades on a whiter and pinkish skin tone.

The foundation needs to be chosen so that it perfectly fits into the skin shade. The Maybelline Fit me foundation is one of the best choices for beginners as it has a wide range of colors and the coverage is medium to high. The price ranges from 600 to 650 rupees.



This product in a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget is especially useful for the one who suffers from a lot of imperfections such as acne, blemishes, pigmentation, and scars.

A good concealer comes in a lot of colours as hiding the imperfections needs proper color science. For example, an orange color concealer is used to hide dark circles, and green colored concealer is used to hide active acne.

To buy a concealer kit which contains almost all the color needed for the basic imperfections is always smart as well best choice. The Nykaa exclusive Concealer is one of the best out there with minimal price. The price is around 1100 and most of the time due to the discount it is around rs 800.



This is a must-have product in a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. A Tropical country like India where most women suffer from oily skin, it becomes a necessary thing to take care of the oil.

Even after primer making the pores shield the powder dust away and soaks the leftover oil for giving a matte look. It becomes a lifesaver, especially during the touch-ups. During touchups, it’s not possible to wear a primer and that time compact is very useful.

A compact can easily be found at an extremely affordable price but most of them are full of parabens. The Maybelline Fit Me Compact Compact is excellent.

Kohl or Kajal

Eyeconic Kajal

Now we all know that Kajal is among the best makeup products of all time. It is used by everyone even non-makeupers use this product as in the Indian culture this product has great values with tradition.

Finding a kajal can be still a tough choice as there are a lot of Kajals in the market and most of them are claiming they are the best. Brands like Plum, Faces, Deborah are really good though they are not too expensive nor extremely cheap.

Good quality kajal is essential as it does not contain harmful chemicals. So make sure To choose an extremely good quality kajal for your basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. Lakme eyeconic kajal is a good choice for beginners.

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel

Most girls overlook this product on their basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. For complete eye makeup, doing the eyebrow is the compulsory step. Now there are a lot of products for eyebrows depending upon the quality of the hair and what style the wearer is wanting.

The Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara is one of the best products for making the eyebrow. This gel mascara increases the volume of the brow making it very attractive and noticeable.



As already mentioned the eye look is very important, when the wearer is using kajal and eyebrow gel she also needs to use mascara on eyelashes. The mascara makes the lashes more long and voluminous.

It makes the eyes look bigger and very attractive. In the basic makeup kit for beginners if we choose a bad mascara it might have the same consequences. Cheap mascara dries the lashes and the lashes soon fall out.

The Maybelline Colossal Mascara is one of the best Mascara available in the market.



For those lovely colorful eyes, this product is needed in the basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget. Coloring the eyes and using the proper color is a task even for the experienced makeup user and artist.

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The eye shadows are available in many forms, such as gel, single shadow, glitter, matte, palette. Choosing the right appropriate form depends upon the choice and taste. But the best thing the beginner can do is to choose a plate where the color combination is nude and matte.

This makes the usage and application very easy. Where wet eyeshadow and glitter takes a lot of effort and experience. The Makeup Revolution London Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow is the best choice for its variation and good quality.

When buying the color separately it increases the amount of money, but when all the colors are available in one palette it becomes a huge save.



Again an important product which is ignored but still a very crucial product in basic makeup kits for beginners on a budget. The work of the product is simply to put some colors on the cheeks. Sometimes choosing a strong color as a blusher destroys the complete makeup look.

The color should be between light orange to light pink which goes with Indian skin tone. The Lakme 9 To 5 Pure blusher is perfect as it also has contouring properties. As a beginner contouring and highlighter can be a little risk-taking as a little mistake can destroy the complete look.

This blusher provides the benefits of both of the products. It highlights the cheeks and contours the cheekbone which gives a sharp jawline.



If any product is much more than a makeup product and it acts as a necessary item then it must be a Lipstick in a makeup kit for beginners on a budget. This product is loved by all women and is on every woman’s bag.

Every woman uses this product as a necessary product rather than a barely makeup instrument. After so many new products and new launches Lipstick is on top among the makeup products every woman should have.

There are different types of lipstick such as matte, glossy, glittery, and few of them are bizarre colours which are trending now. As lipstick is one of the most used products in India It is very easy to find good quality lipstick and at an extremely cheap price.

Elle 18 and Lakme brands are the best affordable lipstick brands in India. There are tons of shades and the price is below 200 INR.

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After knowing the right product and the right way of using it, choosing the right color and shade according to the skin type and color. A lot of questions arose in the mind that needs to have a clear cut conclusion. Some of them are as follows.

What Makeup Should I Buy For A Beginner?

Those product mentioned above are perfect for any kind of makeup kit for beginners on a budget, makeup products which are extremely cheap are simply not good as it contains SLES and lot of harmful chemicals that can cause eye infections, blindness, fluffiness, and other dangerous hazards on the skin hence choosing the right makeup product which is not too cheap nor too expensive is perfect for every beginner girl or a completely new one to the world of makeup.

What is basic makeup?

Well, basic makeup is something that a person does one a daily or a regular basis. The effort to put on the look is minimal in basic makeup. The colours and looks are much easier even on the eyes as for a beginner it will be odd-looking for a glitter eye. The makeup needs to be carried well by the wearer as well.

What Should we apply on the face before makeup?

Both primer and moisturizer can be applied on the face before makeup. Though it largely depends on the skin type for example an oily skin person can only use primer not moisturizer as it makes skin oily.
Dry skin beauties need to apply a heavy moisturizer. Both of the products are used for maintaining the makeup look, for holding the makeup look for a long period.

What is needed for perfect makeup?

It may sound cliche but self-love is the most important ingredient for a perfect makeup. Good products and the right tools and techniques sometimes are not enough as if the person doesn’t love the overall look, it is of no use.
Though these are the steps for a perfect makeup look. Makeup products in budget and right tools and techniques and choosing the perfect color combination and a little bit of patience gives a completely perfect look.

Makeup can be very tricky and confusing but with the products mentioned above, it can be very easy and loveable, for any beginner the makeup kit of beginners on a budget is a go-to choice for easy breezy makeup.

Hope you enjoyed reading this informative and useful post. If you have any query regarding this article then comment below, we will love to solve them.

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