5 Experts’ Tips on Women’s Watch Buying Guide in 2021

No matter how many fashion trends come and go, a wristwatch will always work as a catalyst. Whether the outfit is chic, old fashioned, traditional or modern a wristwatch always enhances the look. In this article, we are going to show you the 5 experts’ tips on women’s watch buying guide.

Generally, people are conscious about shoes or other accessories such as jewellery or makeup but not in the case with watches. Although it was started by working professionals for maintaining the time, but today it has become a trend of wearing fashionable watches.

Women's Watch Buying Guide

But it is not a myth that most of the brand goes over the hype and few are worth the price. Here are simple steps for buying the perfect watch for woman.

Women’s Watch Buying Guide

Understanding different types of watches

Now there are different types of watches in the market such as smartwatches, boyfriend watches, rose gold watch, ribbon watch, traditional watch, handcrafted embroidery watch, and a lot more. Each watch has a different vibe, the feel, the look, and even the occasion where it will be worn is different.

  1. Smart watches: This is a unisex watch. People are turning towards smartwatchs due to its functionality. This gives a classic techie vibe, much easier way to be smart. Ahem!
  2. Rose gold Watches: The hottest watch among the watches, it absolutely fits in any occasion, whether it is a formal occasion or a party. For years this watch is always every woman’s favorite.
  3. Boyfriend watches: To all those tomboy out there, this watch has been designed for giving the soft feminine hand a husky dusky look. Its rough strap and oversized dial are what it makes a boyfriend watch.
  4. Floral Watch: This is an absolute gem, on a casual date to a meeting, this watch is exceptional, it has exotic flower design in its dial. This kind of watch gives a chic look and makes the hand more feminine.
  5. Bracelet watches: This watch gives the women the right amount of traditional and modern flirtatiousness, the perfect combination of tradition and modern. Perfect for those wedding nights.

Choosing The brand

The perfect way of starting is to choose the correct brand, Brands with which the customer is more familiar with whether be it with reviews or advertisements. This step decreases the risk or not getting a damaged watch changed, or not having a warranty.

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Come on, we all know how luxurious this item is, and after the purchase, any fault is enough to break our heart. Whenever opting for a luxurious watch the main thing is to choose a brand that has a vast history, a website, a section for the customer feedback, and also the service of looking after and maintaining the damaged watch and giving the sale to highly expensive watches.

How to understand What watch to choose?

The basic confusion of any woman is what watch to choose, Now the most important feature is that what watch to choose for the appropriate occasions. The Watch works as a catalyst and should work with every outfit. You can never wear a bracelet watch with a sports outfit. The personal opinion also matters, as most women don’t prefer boyfriend watch over floral designed watches.


The price of the watch is simultaneously linked with quality, design, and luxuriousness. For example, a watch worth INR 7000 should be a high-quality watch with optimum design, though a pricey watch doesn’t always mean the watch of your dream.

Few watches which are non branded may cost way more cheaper than the actual high budget watch, but it doesn’t come with warranty, giving very small life of the watch and frequently breakdown of the watch is common.

The right pick from the store

However, if the customer is aware of the design and brand, it will be easy to choose from the collection. If the customer doesn’t know what to buy, the salesperson is always there for the guide as well and the catalog is provided for all the clueless ladies.

Watch is the most important accessories still the most ignored, but following the above steps will make it easier to choose the right watch for oneself.

Hope you love this article on women’s watch buying guide. If you have any questions then comment below. We’ll love to solve them.

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