Face Yoga for Glowing Skin: Try These 7 Essential Ones

The face is what your external appearance looks like. Hence, it is almost everyone’s dream to have a clean face and that too glowing. Now the question is do yoga have any connection with glowing skin? Absolutely Yes; face yoga for glowing skin is one the best ways to achieve flawless healthy skin.

The products that you use, whether it is an herbal one or synthetic one, works externally on the skin. Yoga on the other hand makes your skin perfect internally. The proper circulation of blood, the appropriate process of massage will nurture your skin from inside. Therefore, the glow that you will get is an everlasting one and very pure, unlike the cosmetics you are using.

Face Yoga for Glowing Skin

Facial yoga is not a new trend. The history of this traces back long back and is mentioned in the scriptures of Ayurveda. The ultimate motto of yoga is the same; giving you a sense of healthy and satisfying well-being.

Like body yoga gives you relief from the various complications that you facing, face yoga for glowing skin also makes you feel better from the inside. Facial yoga relaxes the skin, tones it, and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it works on the facial muscles and gives a natural youth glow on the face that has a long stay. 

Regular practice of facial yoga has immense benefits on the skin. When you get addicted to face yoga, your muscles become stronger and gives a natural lift to the face. The regular practice of face yoga for glowing skin is not that difficult too. Therefore, if you really wish to have that inner glow on your face, do not miss the upcoming sections.

7 Face Yoga for Glowing Skin

Doing face yoga for glowing skin will not take too much of your daily schedule. Here are only 7 of them that you can try to have great skin.

1. Fish Face Yoga

If you have ever seen a fish breathing in the aquarium, you will be able to understand what fish face yoga is.

Fish face yoga is simple. You just need to suck in your cheeks inside. This will make a fish face with lips protruding outwards. Remember to keep your eyes wide open during this time. Avoid blinking of eyes. Why do you need to do this? This is for the calculation of time. When your eyes start to water, it means time for the pose is over. Now, simply blink and come back to the original position.

This pose helps in toning the cheek muscles and increases circulation, thereby helping in increasing the glow on the face.

2. Kiss and Smile Yoga

This face yoga for glowing skin contains two poses of kiss and smile. Try pushing your lips outwards as much as you can. This will resemble kissing. Then bring back them to their original position and stretch outwards as if you are smiling. Do this at least 15 times a day. The best thing about this yoga is, it works both on your cheek and chin areas.

The benefits of this face yoga for glowing skin are that it gives a youthful jawline along with flushed cheeks. 

3. Cheek puffing yoga

Cheek puffing face yoga for glowing skin will give plump and supple cheeks. You just need to take in air through your mouth and inflate one cheek at a time. The main thing is to rotate the air from one cheek to the other and then finally release it.

Many of us have hollow cheek issues. With this face yoga for glowing skin, it will make the cheeks look fuller along with strengthening of muscles. The lift that this yoga gives, will definitely increase the natural glow of the face.

4. Eyelid Stretching Yoga

Eyebrows can also be a part of your face yoga for glowing skin. What you need to do is to look in an upward direction and at the same time raise your brows. In such conditions, gently close your lids without with your eyelids still upwards.

The skin around the eyelids like all other parts of the body tends to droop down with age. When you do this yoga, the stretch keeps them firm and in place. Try doing this yoga 10-12 times a day. 

5. Eyebrow Lifting Yoga

The first signs of wrinkles appear in the forehead region. So, there should always be face yoga for glowing skin that can work effectively on the forehead skin. This can be achieved by eyebrow lifting yoga.

Put both your index fingers along the length of the respective eyebrows about half an inch above. Now raise your eyebrows upwards and at the same time try to push them down with the fingers. 

This yoga will tone the muscles in the forehead and most importantly, it will release the tension, which can be a major reason for wrinkle appearance and aging. Eyebrow lifting yoga also helps to fight eye stress, which we all have to carry nowadays for continuously looking into gadgets. 10-15 times per day is good to go for getting effective results.

6. Om Chanting with a Smiling Face

The sound ‘Om’ has an inherent relationship with the yogic postures. When you chant ‘Om’ half of your body, mind and soul relaxes and you will feel the stress leaving your body. This is extremely important to leave all the stress out of the body so that your skin glows with freshness from inside.

Choose an open and airy space. Try to do this early in the morning for the best results. Sit down, and calm yourself from inside. Bring a nice smile on your lips and close your eyes. Try to concentrate by visualizing a point in the middle of the eyebrows. Now, chant ‘Om’ with all happiness and positive energy from inside.

Apart from making you feel better from the inside, the ‘Om’ chanting has immense benefits on relaxing the face muscles.

7. Pranayam and Breathing Exercises

Although breathing exercises are not literally the typical face yoga for glowing skin, they play an inevitable role in making skin glow.

The alternate nostril breathing or the abdominal breathing works effectively in having glowing and youthful skin. The breathing we do normally is shallow in nature. Due to shallow breathing, our skin tends to become pale and dull.

When you perform deep breathing, the enhanced circulation in your body, allows the skin to look brighter, happy, and vibrant. 

The best time to perform this is early in the morning because the environment and the air around are so pure that you can feel the happiness in you from inside. 

Why Will You Try Face Yoga for Glowing Skin?

The reason is very simple. We all are concerned about our health. We often go for yoga classes or try yoga at home to fight ailments like pain, diabetes, obesity, etc. However, we often ignore our faces, which will show the first signs of stress or aging.

Face yoga for glowing skin has a number of advantages.

  • It relaxes and tones the muscles and hence prevents wrinkles
  • Circulation is boosted which is extremely important for having glowing skin.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety that can be seen around the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can yoga help to glow skin?

Yes, yoga plays a vital role in helping the skin to glow. Not only the face yoga for glowing skin but also other poses like the cobra pose, the triangle pose, or the breathing exercises helps immensely in glowing the skin.

How many times a day should I do face yoga?

 Although there are no specific recommendations for this, face yoga for glowing skin can be done at least once daily to 3 times a day for the best results. Daily 10-20 minutes sessions will give visible results.

Can yoga change your skin Colour?

Yoga does not involve directly in change skin color. No yoga assures the change of skin color as it is hereditary in nature. However, face yoga for glowing skin and breathing yogas helps in making the skin glow and look vibrant.

The End Note

Whether it is face yoga for glowing skin or any other form of face yoga, doing them over a long period of time will definitely make you look different from others. The signs of aging, wrinkle formation, stress reduces to a large extent. All these lead to healthy and glowing skin.

However, you must always remember that diet is always an important aspect of having glowing skin. Along with face yoga for glowing skin, try to indulge yourself in having green veggies and fruits. These will increase the antioxidants which themselves are very important for skin upliftment. Additionally drinking water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will also make your skin glow and make you happy and contented from inside.

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