12 Common Lingerie Mistakes Women Make: Find The Solution

Over time, the concept of lingerie is changing. It all started with the corsets, and, now gradually evolving to the most advanced technologies to get the maximum efficacy. However, even today, we do some very common lingerie mistakes unknowingly.

Lingerie ranges from classic briefs to the g-strings, from the beginner bra to the strapless bra. Selecting something from the following range is not an easy task always. We all may have faced issues many a time, and, as a result, we often back out from purchasing lingerie of our choice. The main concern is fitting because, if a bra does not fit your bust, whatever you put on, will make you look awkward.

But, do we think about our comfort? For instance, if you are wearing an off-shoulder top today with a strapless bra for the first time, how will you select the best one? Which one to select and which size to select for your best fit? Remember that, every variety of lingerie, whether it is your panties or your bra have to be healthy too. Do not select something that does not suit your skin.

Common Lingerie Mistakes Women Make

Being an obsessive buyer may create problems also. Lingerie covers our intimate areas that are more prone to infections. To be very honest, if lace or silk gives you irritation and itching, you should not buy a costly one out of obsession. You can switch to a similar design in cotton and ease yourself.

Lingerie may not be visible always. But, choosing the correct lingerie definitely enhances the dressing. When you take care of these minute details, you will get extra confidence to carry yourself in a better way.

12 Common Lingerie Mistakes You Are Doing

As we all know, the most common lingerie mistakes revolve around our daily wear like bra, panty, etc. So, let us do one thing. We will discuss the loopholes separately with detailed analysis, and find the solution to them.

1. Wearing a Bra That Does Not Fit Well

While in a rush, we often tend to wear what we have near our hands. Otherwise, we take hold of something that we have brought recently without trying if even once. What will happen in that case? You may either end up wearing something that is too loose, or a too-tight ill-fitted bra.

With a tight bra, you will feel really uncomfortable if your bust bulges out from the top or sides making it look awkward. The tight straps literally dig into the shoulder and it is painful. Additionally, the wire near the chest becomes so tight that you can suffer from severe issues like back pain and breathlessness.

On the contrary, the very loose ones result in saggy breasts. The straps fall off the shoulder; this is too irritating. Therefore, we should always go for the perfect bra size.


The bra size varies from company to company. Do not just pick one that you think is going to fit you. See the reviews of the same thing or ask your friends who have used that specific brand before buying one.

In addition, we would like to mention that your bust size increases with time. Bust size in puberty differs much from that of a lactating mother. To avoid confusion measure your band size and bust size correctly once every 5 months to get the exact measurement.

2. Washing Lingerie with Harsh Detergents

Often, we put our inner wears directly into the washing machine with other dresses. This should never be done. As because innerwear is made of very delicate materials, harsh detergents destroy the fabrics. This in turn will cause rashes and skin irritation because your inners are the closest to your body parts. We often overlook these common lingerie mistakes, which later lead to severe consequences.


Use your body soap or body wash to rinse your lingerie. Also, wash them with hands instead of putting them in the washing machine.

3. Wearing Tight or Loose Panties

Your vaginal area is the most sensitive part of the body. So, you should avoid the common lingerie mistakes especially associated with panties. Tight panties are obviously one of them. When you wear tight panties it will sit tight on the vaginal areas increasing irritation and infection. Additionally, chafing of skin in the nearby areas will make things worse even more. Besides, tight underwear will make your bulges look odd.

Loose panties, on the other hand, have the problem of slipping down. Those who have faced this understand how uncomfortable this is. Moreover, we have to face our monthly cycles. Using loose panties at that time can be very problematic.


Always purchase panties that fit well. You can measure your hip and waist to calculate your panty size. We recommend going through the size chart. In case you find your size in between the two, go for the larger option.

4. Not Maintaining Bra Hygiene

Bra literally sticks to the body. In a humid country like India, it is obvious that you will sweat a lot. The straps are generally made of elastics. The elastic and sweat are the deadly combination for unhygienic and poor breast health.

Wearing the same bra throughout the day is among the common lingerie mistakes we are making every day.


We understand that while working it is not possible to change your bra every 7 hours. What you can do is wear a fresh bra when you are going to work instead of continuing the one you are wearing. Remove the as soon as you reach home and wear another washed one. Besides, wash your bra every day even if you are not sweating and sitting in an air-conditioning unit.

5. Using Bra for Longer Time

Yes, we understand that your favorite red bra with thin straps feels good to wear. But, if you are wearing them for a year now, you are doing common lingerie mistakes. The maximum span for a bra should be 8 months.

With time, the elastic straps become loose, the cup gaping increases and the fabric loses its goodness. This will make your breasts saggy with time.


Keep a note of purchase. Check the straps and quality after 6 months and change it. This will make sure that your bust gets proper support and coverage.

6. Wearing the Same Panty

This is the worst thing you are doing to your delicate parts. Our vaginal secretion is deposited on the panty lines leading to a moist environment down there. Wearing the same panty throughout the day is a big ‘NO’. It will cause a bad odor as well as different skin problems like acne and rashes.


As a working person, it is often not possible to change the underwear. But, always carry an extra panty in your bag so that you can change if there is any available condition. Besides, change your underwear as soon as you reach home and wear a clean one after freshen-up.

Changing underwear twice a day is necessary for everyone.

7. Using Dirty Underwear

In reference to the last issue, wearing dirty underwear is also a part of the common lingerie mistakes we are doing. This happens especially in the winter when we do not sweat much. If feels that the underwear is perfectly fine without any moisture or sweat, so why wash it. Thus, you end up using the same used underwear for a day more.

When your panties stick to the inner parts, it absorbs moisture. On reusing it, it gets the warmth and this environment is perfect for fungus, like yeast. Fungal infections down there are pathetic. You will have itching and intense irritation, but you cannot do anything but coming back straight to your room.


Firstly, please wash your panties every day. There is no point in arguing why you will not wash it. Additionally, we recommend using moisture-wicking fabric for underwear as an added advantage.

8. Making Synthetic Lingerie a Daily Use

Those alluring lace and satin pieces will obviously attract you. However, regular use of them is obviously among the common lingerie mistakes you are doing. With special reference to underwear, the synthetic materials lock the moisture of vaginal areas and reduce the ventilation.

This aids the bacterial and fungal infections to grow in delicate areas. Additionally, a bad odor develops that may be quite embarrassing.

In the case of synthetic bra, the problem may not be so intense. However, if you are a more allergic kind of person, the sweat and synthetic bra together can create problems for you


Without any second thought, go straight for the cotton inner wears. Cotton is a very skin-friendly and highly breathable fabric. We assure you that, the comfort you will be getting is incomparable to any other fabrics.

Make use of your bold satin lingerie for special occasions where you have to wear them for less time.

9. Wearing Lingerie at Night

Even doctors recommend wearing loose clothes at sleep-time. The hectic day ends with a peaceful night. Your body part also needs space to breathe. When you wear a bra or panty at night, it actually restricts proper circulation throughout the body.


Wear some loose-fitting cotton pajamas and a cotton t-shirt at night. Sometimes it is possible to remove the bra. In such a case, you can choose to wear a loose cotton bra to help the body breathe.

10. Wearing Thongs everyday

Thongs may make you feel light but you should never wear a thong for a long time. Thongs have the tendency to move back and forth with ease.  So, they promote the transfer of anal bacteria to the vaginal areas. This will cause severe discomfort with time.


Do not wear thongs regularly for a longer time. If you wish to wear them on occasion, try using the cotton ones for comfort and hygiene.

11. Not Selecting the Right Lingerie

There are more than 30 types of bra and 26 types of panties. Without knowing their functions properly, we often use the wrong lingerie with the wrong dress. For instance, you cannot wear a T-shirt bra with your low-cut bold dress. Furthermore, color is also another issue that we overlook. When you are wearing a light blue transparent top, obviously a white or black one will not look good with it.


Study the different types of lingerie and understand where to use them. Also, keep in mind what dress you have and select the color of the lingerie.

12. Regular Use of a Shapewear

Shapewear is also lingerie that we miss discussing while talking about common lingerie mistakes. We tend to hide our curves and slip into shapewear on daily basis without knowing the consequences. When you wear tight shapewear, your will get pinched nerves and lower blood circulation. It will cause tingling in your delicate inner areas.


Wear shapewear, but not daily. If possible, switch to some less tight one so that your body can breathe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Can I Wear a Panty for Two Days in a Row?

Never. You should never repeat the same panty on the same day also. This is among the common lingerie mistakes you are doing unknowingly. Try changing your inners at least twice a day to maintain proper hygiene. Wash the panty you wore to ensure hygiene.

What happens if we don’t wear a bra at night?

It is absolutely fine not to wear a bra at night. Further, it is very healthy to keep yourself loose when you are sleeping. It increases blood circulation and relaxes the nerves around your bust.

How tight should a bra feel?

The bra should snug to your body but should not make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the straps and bands should be comfortable on shoulders and underbust. They should not press so tightly that it hurts.

The End Note

The reason behind understanding the mistakes is to maintain hygiene and proper health conditions. Wearing tight bras often leads to breast cancer while wearing dirty inners can cause serious problems in vaginal areas.

Therefore, always take note of the common lingerie mistakes, and do not feel shy to consult about it with your very close ones.

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